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Hello and welcome to The Anime Powerhouse (TAP). This page is devoted to all forms of the Anime/Manga Fandom. On TAP, you will find series info, humor, information, culture information. TAP's main goal is to provide information and fun/humor for every level of fan. TAP is unique by that standard because most of the contributions are made by the visitors, who wish to inspire all fans. TAP brings the ever so heard saying to life: TAP is by the fans for the fans.

Anime/Manga News

News provided by: Anime News Network

Sentai Filmworks Adds Captain Earth (2014-04-24 13:49:42)
Robot anime series currently streaming on Crunchyroll [More]

Otakon to Host Manga Creator/Designer Yuusuke Kozaki, Eminence Concertmaster Hiroaki Yura (2014-04-24 13:00:00)
Kozaki worked on Donyatsu, Fire Emblem Awakening, No More Heroes, Speed Grapher [More]

Persona 4 U2 Game Videos Introduce Rise, Promote PS3 Port (2014-04-24 11:55:00)
Port of fighting game with Persona 3 & 4 characters ships in Japan August 28 [More]

Shin Hayarigami's Heroine, Story Unveiled (2014-04-24 07:17:00)
Horror-adventure game will be released for PS3, PSV on August 8 [More]

Akiba's Trip 2 PS4 Port's Promo Previews Luna Haruna Theme Song (2014-04-24 06:17:00)
Port with "panty jump" mini-game, "Visual Creator" mode, all paid/free DLC from original release ships in Japan July 3 [More]

Daily Briefs (2014-04-24 03:25:00)
2nd Strange+ Anime Season Slated for July
• Hunter X Hunter Manga's Return Slated for June 2
Deltora Quest DVD Set Delayed 1 Month to June 10
The Guided Fate Paradox's Sequel Delayed 2 Months
Love Live Music Releases Top 1 Million
• Japan to Begin 4K HDTV Broadcast Test Run on June 2
[No More]

Suppli's Mari Okazaki to Launch Historical Manga A-Un (2014-04-24 02:25:00)
Series to follow the lives of Buddhist figures Saichō & Kūkai [More]

Magimoji Rurumo Manga by Yowapeda's Watanabe Gets TV Anime (2014-04-24 01:25:00)
Magical slapstick comedy about pervert & apprentice witch who performs his wishes [More]

Danganronpa Games Get Stage Play This Fall (2014-04-24 00:25:00)
Kanata Hongou stars as Makoto, Non Style comedian Akira Ishida plays Yasuhiro & directs [More]

Meiji-Era Ace Attorney Game's 1st Teaser Streamed (2014-04-23 22:00:37)
1st video for 3DS game shows new female character Susato Mikotoba [More]