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Hello and welcome to The Anime Powerhouse (TAP). This page is devoted to all forms of the Anime/Manga Fandom. On TAP, you will find series info, humor, information, culture information. TAP's main goal is to provide information and fun/humor for every level of fan. TAP is unique by that standard because most of the contributions are made by the visitors, who wish to inspire all fans. TAP brings the ever so heard saying to life: TAP is by the fans for the fans.

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My Wife is the Student Council President Manga Has 1 Million Copies in Print (2017-04-29 10:45:00)
The June issue of Ichijinsha's Monthly Comic Rex magazine revealed on Thursday that Yumi Nakata's My Wife is the Student Council President (Okusama ga... [More]

Hayao Miyazaki's New Anime Short Debuts in July, But His Proposed Feature Film Will Not Debut in 2019 (2017-04-29 10:05:46)
TV special previously indicated his desire to finish feature before Tokyo Olympics [More]

Yuri!!! on Ice Anime Gets Brand-New Film (2017-04-29 08:29:41)
More figure skating anime announced at cast & staff event on Saturday [More]

God Wars PS4/Vita Game's 6th Trailer Shows Mizuho Characters (2017-04-29 08:00:00)
Game ships in Japan, Europe, N. America in June after delays [More]

Fortune Tellers Academy Smartphone Game's Animated Video Highlights Story (2017-04-29 06:00:00)
Sqaure Enix's iOS/Android game launched in February 2016 [More]

Aksys Games Streams Period: Cube Game's Opening Video (2017-04-29 05:00:00)
Company shipped Otomate's PS Vita game on Friday in N. America, Europe [More]

Karada Sagashi Horror Manga Gets Net Anime on Production I.G's 'Vertical Anime' App (2017-04-29 04:00:00)
App delays launch plans to May or later [More]

Junichi Suwabe, Sumire Uesaka Star in Restaurant to Another World TV Anime (2017-04-29 03:00:00)
Adaptation of Junpei Inuzuka's Isekai Shokudō novels premieres this summer [More]

Berserk 1st Novel Version Confirmed With Grunbeld Story (2017-04-29 02:00:00)
Makoto Fukami pens June 23 novel with illustrations by Kentarou Miura [More]

Crunchyroll Adds Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, Baldr Force EXE, Chaos Dragon, Unbreakable Machine Doll Anime (2017-04-29 01:00:00)
5 anime added on Thursday [More]