Knock, knock

She turned the doorknob and creaked the door open just a crack, surprised that it was open, "Hello?" she yelled, "is anyone home?"
She took one half step into the house. "Rowen? Are you here?"
"Who's there?" A tall blonde man with violet eyes suddenly appeared out of one of the doorways. He scowled. "What do you think you are doing? You are very rude!"
Omigod, that is NOT Sage. I cannot believe this. "Oh, I'm sorry-"
"If someone doesn't answer the door, then you are supposed to leave, not just help yourself into their house," he continued to stare at the woman in the doorway, dressed in loose blue jeans and a black overcoat. The lack of the sunlight sent a shadow over her face, preventing Sage from seeing her true facial features.
The woman took another step into the house. "Don't you know who I am?"
"Soon to be a woman in jail if you don't get out now."
The woman fully stepped into the house, the lighting luminating her face. She smiled as she reached her hands up behind her head and untied her loose bun. Long black hair flowed down her back and she matched her hazel-green eyes with Sage.
His mouth dropped, "No... I'm seeing things." He blinked a few times and pinched his arm, but the woman still didn't go away. "Kia?" he asked, his tone barely audible. She closed her eyes and smiled. "No... I'm dreaming. You can't be here, you just can't be!"
Kia swallowed the lump in her throat and started to walk towards Sage. He didn't move, swearing that his feet were nailed to the floor. Kia stopped once she had reached arms distance away from the stunned blonde. She slowly brought her hand up to his slightly pale face and looked deep into his violet eyes, "I'm here, Sage..."
He just closed his eyes and bit his lip to keep from weeping. Kia compassionately took him into her arms and hugged him tightly.
After Sage had settled down, an extremely silent moment passed over them. Sage took a deep breath and quickly pulled away from Kia. "First of all, what the hell do you think you are doing?! This is the second time that you've disappeared! Second! Ro - your husband just about killed himself this time! And he would've if I hadn't been here for him! His daughter..." Sage stopped as he realized what he said, realizing that Ayame was Kia's daughter.
Kia looked to the ground. "Sage... I'm really sorry. But you can't even begin to guess what I've been through to get back here." Sage's anger disappeared as he watched a tear fall from Kia's face. Then she looked up to him and made direct eye contact. "I can't stand this anymore! Damnit, Sage, just tell me that I'm not wasting my time-"
"Kia," Sage brought his hands up to her face and cradled her eyes with sympathy, "Kia, I love you, you know that. But you can't do this anymore... okay?" Sage chuckled even though tears hung lightly in his pale violet eyes.
"Oh, Sage. I'm so sorry!" Kia flew herself back into Sage's arms and cried unstoppingly into his chest. Sage soon cried along with her, and they both fell to their knees on the ground.
A few too-happy-not-to-cry moments passed, then Sage decided to speak, "This is so damaging to my manly figure..." he wiped the tears away from his eyes. Kia forced a small smile and chuckles as she wiped the tears from her own eyes. "But you didn't come at a good time," Sage started and took in a deep breath as he settled his cheery eyes on Kia. "Ro works at a photography studio and they sent him down to the ocean for a week. Natsuki took Ayame to the beach for a break-"
Kia cut him off. "How is my daughter?"
Sage blinked and smiled, "Ayame looks just like you. But she is quite the troublemaker."
Kia smiled and bit her bottom lip. "What about Rowen?"
He sighed, running a hand through his blonde locks, "Rowen? Rowen is doing a lot better. But he and his daughter are so close that sometimes it's scary. He is also way overprotective over her, if you ask me. But Rowen is supposed to be back on Monday," Sage sighed, realizing that it was Saturday. "His new job is really demanding from him. Natsuki and Ayame are coming back either late tomorrow night or early Monday morning. So, I don't know what you are going to do until then."
"I'm going to stay right here."
"No kidding?"
"And, no, I didn't come at a bad time."
Sage laughed and stood up, "Anyways, who else knows that you are 'back from the dead... again'?"
Kia also stood up, not amused by Sage's wisecrack. "Just you. I don't have the heart to tell Ryo, Cye, or Raya yet."
"Oh... okay." Sage looked at his watch. "Well, do you want to go out and grab something to eat? It's past seven-thirty and Cye doesn't live here anymore."
Kia smiled and shook her head, "No. I've done enough traveling for today. I just want to stay here." She swallowed the spit in her mouth, reliving the strawberry margarita she had before she came over here.
But before Kia had the chance to blink, Sage walked up to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her. She broke away after a few seconds. "Whoa, Sage. A little bolder than when I last knew you?" Her only response was a smile. "Precisely why I said that I didn't come at a bad time."
Sage smiled devilishly and kissed her again. It was almost as if a love curse was placed on them and neither one could hold back anything from each other.
"Sage..." Kia broke their kiss.
"Hmm... what?"
"I've... never mind."
"No, what is it?"
Kia sighed, "I've... I've been doing a lot of thinking since we've last met. You don't know how much I've thought about my screwed up life, my loving husband, my daughter that I've never seen..." she hesitated, "and you. I've missed you every day since we've last departed, Sage." She looked directly into his eyes.
He smiled with his eyes and bit his bottom lip. "Me too..."
"Sage... I love you and you know that. But I've come to realize that I want..." She pulled him closer and buried her face into his chest, closing her eyes. She smiled softly as she breathed in the light scent of his cologne. "Sage, I want you. I want to be with you. I've always had a small flame for you, but since I've been away from you, the small flame has turned into a huge inferno that's consumed my entire body... that is the best that I can describe it. But I can't hold it back any longer." She let out a short nervous sigh, almost as if she needed to get it off her chest.
Sage put his lips on her head, "Kia..."
She winced, "I'm sorry, Sage. I didn't mean to blurt it all out like that." She pulled away from him and blushed.
"No," Sage put his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him. "Don't be sorry," he smiled and continued to stare into Kia's eyes, "I will admit to having the same towards you. I've never stopped thinking about you."
"Really?" Kia replied, weakly.
He nodded and pulled on her shoulders, bringing her back into him and kissed her. He ran his hands down her shoulders and gently slipped off her overcoat, revealing a lavender tank top and a pair of creamy peach shoulders. He feathered his fingertips over her back, finding nothing except skin and shirt. She wasn't even wearing a bra. Sage was hard just thinking about it.
"Kia," he pressed his forehead against hers, "are you all right with this?"
"Sage! Are you asking me for my permission? Is that what I think you are doing?"
He laughed, "I'm a changed man, Kia. He paused for a moment to meet eyes with Kia again. "But I'm really serious about this. I don't want to force you into something you don't want to do." Kia giggled and playfully licked the top of his nose. "I also don't want to regret not loving you either," he replied with a smile.
"I'm perfectly okay with this if you are."
"Okay. Stay here for a second." Sage gave her a wink and headed over to the stairs. She only watched him with a smile.
After a few moments of deafening silence, Sage finally called Kia's name and told her to come upstairs. She followed his voice, leading herself upstairs and into Mia's way old bedroom. She unsurprisingly found the lights off, but through the softly moonlit bedroom, she couldn't find Sage anywhere.
"Sage? Where are you - ah... what are you doing?"
Sage finished tying the bandana that covered her hazel eyes, "Shh... " He traced his fingertips down her bare arms and took a hold of her waist, then started to guide her over to the edge of the bed. "Kia, you mean so much to me as it is and I want this to go perfect - to feel perfect," he started, whispering into her ear as he began to unbutton her jeans.
Her ears then picked up the light piano music that was playing in the background. She also could have sworn that she smelled incense burning. But she already knew that Sage was in his boxers, as she could fell his slightly cold skin and the indents of his muscles against her bare arms.
Kia smiled. "Just promise me one thing."
He let her pants fall to the ground. "What's that?"
"Don't get me pregnant. I don't know how I would explain to Rowen that I'm carrying your child."
Sage chuckled and then slowly started to kiss her neck from behind her, starting at the nape of her ear and tracing downward to her shoulder. He twisted his index fingers around the straps of her underwear and leaned forward, collapsing on top of her back on the bed, Kia only responding with laugher.
She soon twisted her body around beneath Sage's weight until she faced him. "How long do I have to keep this bandana on?"
Sage kissed her gently, "It's more fun if you can only feel what you are doing... or rather, what I'm doing - AH! Hey, no biting!" Kia laughed and pulled away from his neck. Sage lightly ran his lips over Kia's mouth as he sighed the word, "Ready?"
Kia nodded, then let out an unexpected sigh as Sage pulled off her tank top with one quick movement of his arm. After, he threw it on the ground and started to gently kiss her on the lips - and not just any old small kisses. They eventually turned into full French kisses, each one growing with hunger and intensity as both their body temperatures started to rise. In no time at all, they were both stimulated.
Sage started to work his mouth downward, kissing her on the chin, then to her slender neck, and tracing his tongue along the dips of her collarbone. His hands eventually worked off her bikini style underwear with an utmost gentle touch.
Kia only responded with long sighs of her feminine voice as he worked his hands up and down her body, sending thrills of fire through her where only one had ventured before. She managed to slip his boxers down to his knees, Sage doing the honor to take them off completely. Using only her sense of touch, Kia soon found the soft spot between his thighs and started to gently rub and massage his muscles, sending him into long moans of pleasure. When he couldn't take it any longer, he grabbed onto Kia's shoulders and pulled her over him as he rolled to the side.
She let her mouth hang open as she tried to find Sage's lips with her, slipping out her tongue as she found them. Sage kissed back, equal, if not more, in the same stimulating desire while grazing his hands over her back. Finding her spine, he took his index finger and pressed into it, increasing pressure as he moved downward.
Kia moaned deeply in Sage's mouth as he took her bottom lips in-between his teeth and roamed his hands across her round and full breasts. She didn't hesitate or stop him from forcing his weight on top of her again, kneeling over as she spread her thighs. He gently pushed his hardness inside her, taking it slowly, so slowly as if he was almost afraid. In a short amount of time, Sage got all the way inside her.
Kia let out a slight cry as the initial sharp, quick pain came alone with her pleasure. She had never felt this kind of lust, and all she wanted was to rip off the bandana and stare into Sage's eye, telling him to stay with her forever.
Then Sage started to go in and out, slow, rhythmic movements as his breath grew heavier and heavier, Kia feeling his heart run like mad against her bare breasts as he pressed against them. Kia squirmed, thoroughly enjoying it. She slowly ran her hands up and down Sage's smooth back as he breathed hot in her ear while uttering undistinguishable words of bliss. Only soon after the few intense moments did Sage stop.
He kissed her, open mouthed, breathing heavily into her throat. He traveled his moist lips up to her nose and then to the bandana, pulling it off with his teeth.
Kia blinked, adjusting her eyes to the scene and staring dreamily into her lover's eyes as soon as she found them, breathing harshly. Neither one spoke as they stared into one another, reading minds with only their eyesight.
"...Sage..." Kia closed her eyes again as he pressed his wet lips against hers.
He broke away a moment later. "Don't say anything." He began to lick down Kia's neck, around her shoulders, and down to her breasts. But he didn't stop there. Tracing words of love down to her bare stomach, he planted soft kisses on her lower torso. Kia could only wonder how far he was going to go. She started to fell him moving lower with his tongue, with his breath against her condensed skin. It was too good of a feeling to stop him, although deep down, she felt that she was doing something she wasn't supposed to do, being somewhere she wasn't supposed to be.
But then, the room disappeared. Flames of sensations ignited her body. She tried to move away to lessen the sensation, but Sage wouldn't let her.
In that state, Kia lost her sense of personal identity, merging into only more experience. She had no thoughts of her husband, her daughter, or guilt in the back of her mind. NO mind could exist in the level of ecstasy that she was in. Only love and awareness.
Sage kept going, despite the fact that Kia was crying out and grabbing the sheets, the pillows, his hair - anything to keep from screaming. Mouth wide open with her fingernails clawing into his shoulders, Kia managed to ease somewhat.
As Sage finally pulled away from her, every muscle in her body felt limp and weak, trying to regain energy as she took in deep breaths of air. She inhaled through her teeth as Sage ran his lips across her stomach, barely touching her, but his breath dense on her skin. She sighed his name as he kissed the soft skin in between her breasts. Kia moaned and raised her chest upward, arching her back as Sage slipped his hand under her and applied pressure to the small indent at the base of her spine. She could feel him smile as he continued to kiss her.
Without even realizing it, Sage rose his head away from her bare chest and moved back over her face, mouth wide open as he only used his tongue to play with her mouth. After a few moments, she lifted her head off the pillow and kissed Sage full on the lips, then gently bit his tongue, causing him to let a low moan echo in his throat.
Kia then crossed her legs over behind his lower half and pressed her hot bare chest into his, almost like asking for more without words. He started again, pressing his waist hard into hers. Kia moaned her way through it, biting his shoulder and arching her back in attempts to reduce the overwhelming sensation that Sage was giving her.
Sage cried out, his body on fire, burning for completeness. That cry was to Kia as he finally collapsed on her warm body, exhaling and inhaling to regain his energy that was well spent. He rolled over to Kia's side and took her in his arms. Both too exhausted to move, they fell asleep in each other's arms, their breathing slowing to normal and eventually blending back into the soft romantic piano music that was in the background.