The next morning, Kia awoke to the early sun pouring it's light onto her face. She blinked a few times, clearing her eyesight and then focusing her eyes on Sage, who was fast asleep in her arms. She sighed with a bright smile and buried her face deeper into Sage's broad chest. Batting her eyelashes against his skin, she fluttered her eyes up and around the room. Sage shifted slightly underneath Kia and awoke with a small groan.
"Mnm... hey, you." He propped himself up on his elbows.
Kia feathered her fingertips over his chest. "Good morning."
Sage smiled. "Definitely a good morning."
Kia chuckled and pulled herself over him, then licked his lips. Then she propped her chin on his collarbone. "I could re-live that night for the rest of my life."
He laughed, "Really?" ia nodded, yawning at the same time. "Are you sure you're okay?" Sage tilted his head so he could look at her. When she nodded again, Sage pulled his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, "Well, okay. Cause I'll tell you one thing, I'm exhausted."
Kia smiled, laying her head back down on his chest. "So... what do we do now?"
Sage exhaled, "You're asking me."
Kia sighed again and Sage plopped his head back down on the pillow. Kia softly kissed his chest and closed her eyes as she laid her head back down on him. She blinked her eyes open, tiredly, and slowly moved her gaze over to the nightstand that was next to the bed. Her eyes ballooned as she saw the picture that was on the table.
Sage was dressed in a full white tuxedo, pink flower in his left pocket with a matching pink scarf tucked in his blazer. His black Gucci shoes shined and equally matched the shine in his smile. Natsuki stood next to him, clutching a pink rose bouquet in her left hand. Her right hand was braced across Sage's shoulder and her body was turned just right so that you could see the full potential in her low cut white wedding dress.
Sage turned his head to see what Kia was looking at. When he caught on, he sighed, "Ki..."
She turned away. "When did you two get married?"
Sage hesitated for a moment. "About a year ago..."
"Sage, we have to promise to each other. We have to promise that we will not tell Rowen or Natsuki what happened last night... okay?"
"No, I think I'm going to call Ro right now." He picked up the phone that was next sitting on the nightstand and dialed a number. "Hey, Rowen! Guess what? I have great news. I just slept with your wife, Kia! Isn't that great?"
Kia laughed and pulled the phone away from him, "But seriously-"
"I'm just kidding! Sheesh, I'm not that blonde."
Kia started laughing again. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry I doubted you." She started to get off of Sage, but he pulled her back on top of him. She started giggling as Sage planted small kisses on her neck, "Sage, stop! I'm need to take a shower."
Sage laughed, "Fine! Leave me then."
"You could join me..." Sage's eyes widened. "But I think I will just leave you," Kia smiled as she pulled the white comforter off the bed, wrapping it around her naked body and waltzed out of the room into the bathroom that was across the hall.
Sage just sighed and rolled over, curling up with the other bed sheet and closing his eyes, falling into a light sleep.
Kia stepped out of the shower fifteen minutes later and grabbed one of the robes that was hanging up and loosely tied it around her waist. She walked back into the room, finding Sage still sleeping, or more rather snoring quietly. She jumped on the bed and straddled the surprised Sage.
"Ah! Wha- Kia?!" he exhaled. "Are you trying to give a hearty-tack?"
"Leaf me alone." Sage groaned and pressed his face into a pillow.
Kia giggled, "Are you sure? Cause I'll go if you really want me to..."
"No, wait! I was just joking," he moved the pillow away and looked up to Kia. "Hey, my robe actually looks good on you."
"This is yours? Kind of short," Kia ran her hand along the hem of the robe that dangled just above her knees.
"Well, actually it's Nasuki's."
Kia looked downward, "Oh..." She started to get off of Sage.
"Wait, Kia." He grabbed onto her shoulders and looked her in the eye. "Look, I know that you have a lot of guilt," he pulled on her shoulders and took her face in-between his palms. "So do I. But think of it this way. All of the greatest pleasures in life are those that people say that you cannot do," he replied, very cheerfully.
Kia smiled softly and kissed him soundly, "Now that you put it that way..."
"And," Sage untied the robe and slipped it off her shoulders, "the robe looks much better off you." He gazed up and down her fair-skinned body.
Kia gave him a 'you're crazy' look and crossed her arms around her chest. Sage smiled evilly as he then tackled her, Kia letting out a yelp as he pressed his body against the coldness of hers. Sage kissed and nipped at her neck while her head hung off the bed, Kia only responding with giggles. He moved up to her mouth, smiling widely as his lips encountered hers and bringing his entire body to fall upon hers. They eventually landed with a loud 'THUD' as Sage landed on top of Kia on the ground. The thin white sheet floated on top of them and created a soft white atmosphere.
"Sage, you are so unbelievably irresistible."
Sage smiled, "So are you."
"That's why we don't belong together."
He didn't say anything as he continued to gaze deeply into Kia's hazel green eyes. He raised his eyebrows as he then spoke, "Do you want something to eat? Like, breakfast-wise?"
Kia thought about a nasty comment, but she held it back as she smiled, "Food is always good."
"Great! We have some really good breakfast food," Sage replied as he pulled himself off of her and grabbing Natsuki's robe. "See you downstairs!" He ran off, leaving Kia on the floor with nothing except the blanket.
Sighing with a playful smile, she stood up and found her underwear, pants, and tank top with minor difficulties. Being the nice person that she was, she decided to make the bed. But something red on the mattress caught her eye... it was blood. Kia cursed as she ripped off the sheets, then almost storming downstairs with the blankets in her hands. "Sage!" she called out, exiting from the laundry room and heading into the kitchen. "Sage! Did you wear a... you know..."
"A thing! Protection!"
"Oh, ughh..." Sage bit his lower lip and slowly shook his head.
"Sage, please don't say that! Shit!" Kia pounded on the table. "Why didn't you wear one? What were you thinking?"
He sighed, "I don't know. I'm sorry, Kia."
"Well, we better go and buy a pregnancy test."
"We can't."
"What? Why can't we?"
Sage paused, " None of the pharmacies are open on Sundays."
"...And Natsuki is coming back tonight?"
"As far as I know."
"Sage, what are we going to do?"
He tried not to make eye contact with her. "I... I don't know."
Then the phone rang... and rang... and rang.
Sage sighed, "I'll bet you ten big ones that Natsuki is on the other line." He reached for the phone. "Hello?"
"Hey, Sage! Boy, it's good to hear your voice again! I missed you so much!"
"Hey, Suki."
"Well, I have some good news and some bad news."
"Tell me the good first."
"Okay. Firstly, Ro is coming back with us. Secondly, the hotel bill isn't going to be as high as we thought it would. And lastly, we'll be back by... maybe midnight tonight if we're lucky."
"So what's the bad news?"
"You promise you won't be mad?"
Sage sighed, "I promise."
"The hotel bill isn't as high because-"
"Don't tell me that you gave it to the manager for a lower price."
Natsuki cracked up. "I would never cheat on you, Sage-dear!"
"Please don't say that..." Sage mumbled under his breath.
"Ha - what did you say?"
"Oh, nothing. So why aren't the hotel bills as high?"
"Right. Well, my original hotel reservations were canceled, but so were Rowen's. We had to share another room."
"Is that all?"
"Well... yeah. I didn't want you to get mad or anything, so I'm telling you what happened."
Sage smiled, "That's perfectly okay. I'm not-"
"What was that?"
Sage looked over to where Kia was standing on her tiptoes, surrounded by pans. "Eeee... oh, nothing. I was trying to find something, but I dropped it." He quickly made up a lame excuse.
"Oh, right. Anyways, I just called to make sure that everything was alright with you home alone."
"Yeah, I'm great and fine and okay and whatever else would describe good."
Natsuki laughed, "Okay. Then Ro and I will see you later tonight."
"All right, I'll see you later."
"Bye, Sage!" Natsuki kissed the receiver and hung up the phone.
Shaking his head, Sage hung up the phone and turned back to Kia.
"I'm really sorry. I thought that the plates were kept in this cupboard."
"Well, things change when you're gone for two years, Kia," Sage replied with a happy sigh.
Kia squeezed her eyes shut and smiled, showing all of her pearly whites and clasping her hands underneath her chin. "Sorry!"
Sage laughed, "Like mother, like daughter. Ayame did the exact same thing last week. Speaking of your daughter, you'll get to see her later tonight if you stay. Natsuki called and she said that they are coming back tonight for sure."
"Don't get too excited. How are we going to tell them that you are still alive?"
"Oh… I forgot about that part."
"Well," Sage looked at the clock, "we have time to think about it. It's only two-thirty."
"Do you have any ideas?"
"Can I ask you a question?" Sage asked. Kia nodded. "Are you really truly out of the protection program or did you just escape again?"
Kia smiled, "Really truly. You have to stay there for a minimum of three years. Mine was longer, but I made it up and I was free to go."
"Great! Then that gives us a plan. I can type some professional letter on the computer saying the final release of you and I can just give it to Rowen and Natsuki. Then you can just come over tomorrow."
"And you thought of that all by yourself?"
Sage looked around. "Does it look like I asked anyone else?"
Kia chuckled, "I'm just surprised, that's all. Do you think it'll work?"
"Let's hope so." Sage turned around. "I'm gonna type that letter. There is cereal and some breakfast bars in the pantry. Help yourself."
"I thought you said that you had good breakfast food!"
"Isn't it?"
Kia made a face, "Not really. But, oh well." She heaved a sigh and opened the pantry door. After some three minutes of searching, she found a raspberry breakfast bar and some of her favorite tea.
As she took the last sip of her tea, Sage walked back into the room, proudly holding up a white sheet of paper. "I finished it!" he cried. "It's really sappy, but who cares."
Kia laughed, "Here, let me read it." Sage handed the paper over, smiling. After a minute or so, Kia looked up to Sage, "You're right, it is sappy."
"Well, thanks."
Kia laughed, "I'm just kidding! It'll do. I just hope that Rowen and Natsuki will think that it really is from the WPP." She put the letter back on the table and sighed, leaning back into the chair that she was sitting in. "I can't wait to see my daughter. What does she look like, Sage?"
"Like you. She has black hair like yours," he paused to run his hand through Kia's hair and grabbed a strand. "Very thin and light. But she has eyes like Rowen's, dark blue. She just looks like your and Rowen's daughter."
Kia smiled, "And she's two years old, right?"
"More like two and half. She turned two eight months ago… I think." Kia sighed and brought out a smile. "Well, since we only have so much time until Rowen and Natsuki get back…" He stopped there and drew his face closer to hers.
"What are you suggesting, Sagie-poo?"
"Not that name again."
Kia giggled, "You still don't like that, do you?"
"And you didn't get a breakfast bar, did you? You need breakfast if you want energy."
"I don't need breakfast. I'm going to skip it this morning."
"Afternoon," Kia corrected him.
"Right. Like I said," Sage slipped him arms around Kia and brought her up to him, "I'm going to skip it today."
Kia laughed and gently pushed Sage's hands away from her. "But, we're both-"
"Forget about it for today. Forget about everything. Only know that I want you and you want me." He stopped to look Kia dead in the eyes, "Maybe there are some things better then this, definitely worse. But know that there is nothing like this… like us."
Kia let her eyes go puppy-wide. "Sage…" She didn't have to say anything more as Sage leaned in, placing his lips on hers. His kiss that time was like no other, like lighting. A flash that spread and stayed.