One or two hours later, Kia didn't keep track, they both fell back onto the bed, gasping in huge lungfuls of air to regain energy. Sage rolled back on top of her, kissing her, but broke away only after a few seconds to breathe. Kia sighed and arched her head backward to look out the huge floor-to-ceiling length window. She then found out why it was so dark in the room; it was raining.
Sage looked at what Kia was staring at. He smiled. "Maybe we were meant to be here, together. It's raining."
"What does rain prove?"
"That the gods are-"
"The gods? They are probably angry or upset if it's raining."
Sage chuckled, "Never mind, then."
Kia shifted her body to the side to look at Sage. "Hey, Sage…"
He looked down to her eyes. "Hmm?"
"Have you ever made love in the rain?"
Sage looked shocked. "Uh… not that I can remember."
"C'mon, let's go outside." She slipped herself off the bed and grabbed the white plushy comforter off Sage. When he got off the bed, she wrapped it around him and pressed her body into his then kissed him soundly. Smiling, she led Sage out of the room and down the hall, into her old room that had a porch connected off it.
She slid open the glass sliding door, but Sage hesitated, "Why are we doing this again?"
She smiled, "To make something new out of all of this." Kia pulled Sage outside, the white blanket still covering their naked bodies.
The rain was light on their bare shoulders, causing little streams of heat to rise from their bodies from the intense amount of heat that they were in the moment before. "Ah… it feels good out here…" Sage tilted his head backwards and opened his mouth, catching drizzles of water on his tongue. But he shot his eyes back down to Kia as she ripped the comforter off him and threw it on the ground. He screamed, girl-like, "Kia! What are you doing?! People could see us!" He tried to cover his manhood.
Kia laughed, "Out here? Who can see us out here in the middle of nowhere?" Kia let her gaze slip from Sage's violet eyes to the forest scenery before them. "Nobody in the world can see us."
"Well, I'm, for one, not really comfortable with this." He blinked, wiping the streams of rain off his face.
"I think it feels like no one can see us, Sage. I just want to…" She stopped and took one step into Sage. "As for you," she paused again, looking upward to meet his eyes, "I'm the only one who can see."
Sage blinked once, slowly, gazing his eyes into the green of Kia's, her eyes seeming to glow in the hazy atmosphere that surrounded them. Kia pulled slightly on Sage's waist, bringing him to rest on top of her on the comforter.
As it started to downpour, the rain beating heavily on their bodies, neither one noticing it as they moved with each other. Both their eyes were closed, using only their sense of feeling to find each other. The rain drowned out the moans and sighs that they made as it beat against the roof. After what felt like hours, Sage and Kia slowed to a relaxing halt, lying side by side, staring into one another's eyes as the rain poured on their bare skin.
"Dark hair, full breasts, beautiful skin…" Sage brushed the hair out of Kia's eyes and leaned forward to kiss her again.
Kia smiled, "Sage," she inched her body forward, getting closer to him.
"What do you think of this?"
"Of what? Us?" Kia slowly nodded. "How about I tell you when we go inside?" Sage stood up, helping Kia do the same and wrapping the heavy-with-water comforter around both their shoulders and walking back into the house.
Kia walked over to the extra bed and snuggled into the covers. Sage dropped the blanket on the ground and climbed into the bed beside Kia. He took her into his arms and pulled her into him. "That was an experience I will never forget," Sage whispered into her ear.
Kia smiled, "But I want to know what you think about this. I mean, like what happens if I get pregnant?"
"Nothing is going to happen to you. And if you do get pregnant… well, let's just see what happens, okay?" Sage tightened his hold on her and pressed his nose into her shoulder.
"Well, I think I better get my stuff ready. I don't want to be here just yet when Rowen and Natsuki return." She moved to stand up, but Sage reached for her.
"No, stay here with me, Kia. I need you here, in my arms… please don't go yet."
Kia winced and lay back down next to him. Sage wrapped the blanket tighter around them, keeping them close and warm, and closed his eyes. At that point, Kia didn't know what to do, but nothing… nothing would ever matter but this.

Sage blinked his eyes open, awaking with a yawn later that evening. Realizing that Kia was fast asleep beside him, he bent his head down and kissed her closed eyes.
She slowly fluttered her eyes open, focusing them on Sage, "Mmm… hey, Sage." Kia mumbled, then nestling her body deeper into the bed, closing her eyes.
Sage smiled and looked around, finally noticing the clock that read twelve-forty-seven. "Kia!"
"Hmm… what?"
"It's a quarter to one!"
"What?!" She shot herself up from the bed and looked at the clock. "What time are Natsuki and Rowen supposed to be back?"
"Anytime now!"
She cursed. "I have to go." She stood up, grabbing the top blanket and covering herself with it. She speed walked into the previous bedroom, grabbing her clothes and throwing them on. She emerged out of the room a few moments later, finding Sage dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.
"Kia, promise me that you'll come back?"
She nodded, "Of course I promise, Sage." She stared into his eyes, seeming almost afraid of taking her eyes off him. She couldn't bear the thought of losing him now.
"Well, you better get going-" Sage was cut off by the front door opening and slamming shut.
"SAGE! We're home!"
He grimaced and turned to Kia, giving her a sweet, but short, kiss on the lips, then whispering 'porch' in her ear as he passed her.
Kia watched as he fled down the stairs and disappeared into the family room. She took a deep sigh, shoving her hands into her pockets. Surprised to feel something in them, she pulled out a piece of paper. This particular piece of paper was the real paper that granted her release. She lighted her eyes on it briefly and smiled. Then she turned on her heel and walked back over to the extra bedroom and out to the porch. Grateful that it wasn't too high off the ground, she jumped off it and ran across the yard and into the woods, finding her car.
"Natsuki, how was your vacation?" Sage hugged his wife and pulled her back, giving her a short kiss on the cheek.
"Oh, it was great. Next time you have to come along."
"Definitely." Sage turned to see his best friend walk into the door with his daughter in his hands. "Hey, Ro. Did you have a good time?"
Rowen nodded, "But Ayame was a pain." He gestured down to Ayame, who was sleeping soundly in his arms. "I'm gonna take her upstairs to bed."
"Wait! Can I take her upstairs, Ro?"
Rowen looked confused, "Uh… sure." He lightly handed his daughter to Sage's arms. "Just don't wake her. She barely got any sleep last night and I don't want to have her crying the whole night tonight." He exhaled heavily.
"Gotcha." Sage took Ayame and walked to the stairs.
As soon as Sage was out of sight, Natsuki turned to Rowen. "Should we tell him what really happened at the hotel?"
Rowen stared into Natsuki's blue eyes, "Sometime, but not now. He isn't mad at us and I don't want him to be."
"But… but I just can't help feeling this guilt inside me. I feel really bad."
"Me too, Natsuki," Rowen whispered. "Me too."
"Kia? Kia, are you sill here?" Sage rasped, peeking into the bedroom that they were in right beforehand. "Kia?" Sage switched on the light but found no one. The porch door wasn't closed all the way and a cold wind let itself into the vacant room. Sighing slightly, Sage turned around, but before he headed out the door, a white piece of paper lying on the nightstand caught his attention. A somewhat confused look on his face, he walked over the table and grabbed the note, reading it in his mind.
'Sage, you don't know how much fun I had with you. Too bad it had to stop short. I will never forget today or yesterday and I hope you won't either. We'll still see each other, but we can't - or should I say shouldn't - have the same nights together as we used to have. When I come back tomorrow morning, I will have a pregnancy test confirmed and we can live our lives from there. Please keep our secret, our vow, and never break it. I don't even want to think of the reaction that Rowen will give if he ever found out. See you soon, Your lover and always friend, Kia. P.S. DESTROY this letter once you have read it!'
Sage chuckled and walked over to the slightly opened porch door. Sliding it open so that he could go outside, he took the note in his hands and ripped it up into tiny pieces, letting the wind take them into its intangible arms.
Closing the door behind him, Sage ran back downstairs. "Rowen! Suki! I have the greatest news!" He rushed back into the family room.
"What, Ayame is actually asleep?" Rowen pulled a lame joke.
Sage laughed, "WAY much better than that!"
"We have to guess?"
Sage reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded envelope. Rowen stared at the envelope's return address for only a second before clawing for the letter. Sage whipped it out of his reach, "Nah-ah-ah, Ro-wen."
"What is it?" Natsuki sat her confused eyes on Sage.
"It's a letter from the Witness Protection Program! Sage, hand it over, now!"
Sage gasped, "Gosh! A little touchy, aren't we?"
"It's probably just money or something," Natsuki sighed, resting her head on top of her palm.
"Dammit, Sage! Just give it to me!"
Sage narrowed his eyes, "Well, if you're going to swear at me, then here," he shoved it in Rowen's face, "have it."
Rowen fidgeted with the envelope, his mind wanting to go much faster than his hands would allow him, "Hey… it's been opened! Sage!"
"Like I can resist reading a letter from the institute that took Kia away?!"
Rowen grimaced, then his mind set back to the letter. He opened the envelope and started to let his eyes fall over the page.
"Read it out loud. I want to hear it, too." Natsuki spoke up, softer than usual.
Rowen sighed, "Okay. Here goes nothing. Dear Mr. Hashiba, we are very aware that you have suffered dearly from your wife's decease. But this will be happy news for you. Kia has fully served her time here, four years to be precise, and we want to inform you that Kia is still alive…" Rowen stopped there. He looked up to Sage with narrow eyes. "Is this some sort of joke, Sage?"
Sage blinked, "What?"
"Is this a fucking joke?!" He slammed the paper down on the table.
"Rowen! That is no joke!" Sage pointed at the letter in a phase close to anger. "Is this your reaction to it? Don't you want your wife to be alive?"
Rowen was flabbergasted, "I can't… I won't… this isn't happening to me…"
Natsuki just stared at the ground, not believing her own ears.
Sage smiled half-heartedly. "Precisely."
Rowen stared at Sage, still not believing anything, "But… but… why didn't you tell me before when you first got this letter!?"
"Big surprise, isn't it, Ro?" Sage exhaled, leaning back into his chair and crossing his arms across his chest.
"Kia is still alive?" Natsuki finally came out of her awed state, looking at her husband.
Sage nodded his head firmly. "As far as I know. Just read the rest."
Rowen picked up the letter again, "We have sent her free. But whether or not she comes back to you is not our problem. Good luck and best wishes to you and your daughter." Rowen crumpled the note tightly in his hands. "How can they just say that after they basically destroyed my life!? It's like they think it's normal for people to come back after they are supposedly 'dead' for three years!" Rowen groaned in aggravation.
"Let's call Raya and Cye! And Ryo!" Natsuki clasped her hands in delight.
Sage grinned, "Go right ahead!"
"No! Wait a gosh-darn second, Natsuki. Don't do anything until we know for sure that Kia is still alive." Rowen kept his glare on her.
"Oh… okay."
Sage stood up, "C'mon! Just call them and say that we got a letter from the WPP. She's still alive-"
"How do you know!?" Rowen questioned harshly.
"Oh! Umm… Kia isn't one to go down so easily, Rowen. She's done this before, hasn't she?" Sage replied with an uneasy smile.
Rowen deeply focused his dark blue eyes on Sage's pale violet ones. He hesitated before speaking, "Just don't do anything until Kia comes back… if she comes back." Rowen sighed. A few short moments passed before Ayame woke up, her cries echoing to the three in the family. Rowen groaned, "You know where I'm going." He stood up and warily walked over to the stairs.
Natsuki watched him with slight worry, "Are you sure that he's okay? What do you think will happen to him if she really does come back?"
Sage smirked, "I don't know, but it'll all be good."