Anime University

Anime University Police Forces Headquarters

The University's Police HQ is home to two separately funded police divisions - the Normal Police, who handle non-boomer/mecha related cases, and the AD Police, University Island branch, who handle the rest.

Normal Police

A token force of three Normal police officers live and work on the island, mainly for diplomatic functions. Any police work requiring force or apprehending of felons is performed by Son Gohan, the part-time chief of Normal Police. Being a half-Saiyajin, taking out terrorists armed with pulse photon cannon or starships usually isn't a problem. At the worst case, the Lovely Angel WWWA team can be called in... NOT!

Chief of Normal Police : Son Gohan

AD Police

AD Police File Photo

The AD Police handle all the tougher boomer-related and powersuit/mecha crimes on the island, few that they are due to the number of people who are capable of defend themselves from rogue battlemecha. Officers of AD Police are usually transferred here after nine months of MegaTokyo operations, "for R&R", as one of the exhausted veteran police lieutenants put it.

Any officers requesting for permanent attachment to this branch usually find themselved tarred and feathered if a request is made a second time.

Chief of AD Police : Capt. Leon McNichol

Anime Police Academy

The Anime Police Academy is responsible for training new police officers for posting to most of the major capital planets of the known universe. All cadets training here are trained to handle any situation, be they simple armed robberies or planetary hijackings. They are also fully versed in the Faculty of Physical Violence's deadliest non-lethal arts, and cap their last year at the academy serving on combat starships.

The four-year program is listed under the Anime Police Academy Course Description.

Academy Chief : Capt. Daley Wong

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