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Basic Courses

  • COMM100 Basic Commerce
    This course expounds on how the current universal commercial system works, and what is required to keep it working. Some classes will study some of the loopholes which exist and why these loopholes continue to exist.
  • COMM101 Bookkeeping Techniques
    Prerequisite for COMM222 and COMM234.
  • COMM105 Studies of Great Corporate Leaders
    This course explores the history of the greatest corporate leaders of all time, detailing their strengths and weaknesses.
  • COMM120 Advanced Accounting
    The student will get a thorough understanding for accounting management techniques which are critical in upper year courses.
  • COMM199 The ABCD Theory
    This is a mandatory class, as it is a prerequisite for all upper year courses.

Advanced Courses

  • COMM200 Dealing "Fairly" with Competition
    Basically, the Nitpicker's guide to killing your competition.
  • COMM202 Corporate Piracy
    The ins and outs of corporate piracy - this course explores many of the famous corporate takeovers; the Microsoft takeover of MacDonalds; Coca-Cola absorbed by Bang and Olufsen; How one man took over most of Saudi Arabia and made the Americans kowtow to him etc.
  • COMM215 Whealing and Dealing
    Capitalism at its finest - explore the best ways of cutting your rival's throats. Also looks at making money fast, legally.
  • COMM222 Managing your books
    The quick and dirty methods of "adjusting" your accounts are explored in this course. All perfectly legit (of course).
  • COMM234 Laundering Money
    How dirty money comes and goes, and how to get richer without getting caught.
  • COMM256 Ransom and Blackmail
  • COMM279 Why Drugs are bad business
    This course is based on Nabiki Tendo's doctorate thesis. Students are encouraged to argue the pros and cons of dealing in drugs, and why this thesis discourages young enterprenuers from doing so.
  • COMM666 The Tendom Way
    By invitation only, this course is open only to those bright and upcoming students who may potentially be a benifit to the Tendom Corporation. Lectured by Professors Quincy and Nabiki Tendo, this course covers the philosophy behind Tendom and why it remains a low profit organisation even with nett earnings of over 700 Trillion NewYen.

Special Projects

Students are given the following scenarios and are expected not only to come out alive, but also with as much money as possible.
  • COMM411 Corporate Takeover
  • COMM457 Life in the RatRace
  • COMM487 World Domination

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