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Basic Studies

COM101 C&C Primer

Covers basic computing, networking and communications procedures at Anime University. Mandatory course for all FacComp students.

COM115 Computer Programming

Basic programming skills for linear and optical computers are taught in this course.

COM123 3C Programming

The language of choice for todays' network programmers. Covers intermediate and advanced coding techniques as well as optimisation procedures.

COM143 InterLAN network maintanence

This course provides the necessary background and education to maintain and upgrade local LAN networks.

Intermediate Studies

COM221 Computer Graphics

Covers the basics of 3D holograph modelling, Garaud shading of multi-polygon shapes and high speed realistic animation models.

COM227 Multi-dimensional Mathematics

For students interested in subspace networking systems, this course is a must. Covers fourth and fifth dimensional mathematics for subspace packet transmission protocols used throughout the known universe.

COM239 Subspace Computing

This course explains subspace communication theory and application.

COM285 Cybernetic and Computing

This course covers computer networking and accessing via cybernetic connection. Only students with cyberjacks or mental neuropaths which can log on cybernetically should apply.

Advanced Studies

COM351 Artificial Intelligence

This course covers the basis behind creating Artificial Intelligences. It includes description of the capabilities of the CLULESS utility which created Vision and EVE-01.

COM372 Subspace Network Administration

Covers all aspects in maintaining and repairing subspace packet transmission networks for inter-universe realtime communications.

COM999 Final year project

Free-for-all project selection. Must have agreement from at least one faculty instructor as mentor. Projects should not include hacking secure databases or other illegal acts.

Miscellaneous Courses

HCK000 Gaining system accesses

Students are taught the basics in persuading computer networks to giving them administrator access levels. Final exam is to crack the infamous Knight Saber advertisement first cracked by Professor Nene Romanova.

COM017 BASIC programming

Archaic programming language class for old fogies.

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