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Note: There are no fixed requirements to graduate from any school of martial arts at this faculty. A student will be judged a master if he, she or it is qualified by the faculty Board of Sensei.
  • Street Fighting Specialties
  • Weapons Mastery
  • Mutsabetsu Kakutou Saotome/Tendo Ryuu
  • Special Combat Division
  • Weapons Marksmanship
  • Mecha and Powersuit Division
  • Supercharging your Ki
  • Shaolin Kungfu
  • The Dragon Returns
  • Other Martial Arts

    Street Fighting Specialties

    Various martial arts which originated from street brawling and street combat. World Warriors Ryu, Chun Li, Guile and Blanka are amongst the teachers of the Street Fighting art here at Anime University. Fighting techniques range from elegent moves based on traditional martial arts, to the down and dirty tricks which are designed to down an opponent quickly and lethally. These combat arts cover both bare-handed and weapons arts.

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    Weapons Mastery

    The following lists some of the style of weapons-based martial arts which are taught at the Faculty of Physical Violence:

    Okonomiyaki Kakutou

    Ukyo Kuonji's martial arts style. Special methods include fighting in a ring with a hot-grill surrounding the outer part, using glue-like dough, rubber yakisoba (noodles), a super-large grill oiler, explosive x, flour bombs. Usualy she fights with her mega-spatula, and wears a bondolier of small shuriken-spatulas, and she issues challanges on okonomiyaki. Extensive training in this style will make the practitioner into a very sought-after okonomiyaki chef.

    Hidden Weapons

    Extensive training on how to hide massive amounts of weapons and not having them show, even using the highly sensitive sensors in use at most starports and space stations today. Taught by the "Blind as a bat" martial artist Muu-tsu of the Joketsuzoku (Chinese Amazons) tribe.

    Traditional Chinese weapons

    The use of bonbori, spears, Chinese swords and pole styles which are traditional to the Chinese martial arts. Taught by Cologne and Shan-puu of the Joketsuzoku (Chinese Amazons) tribe.


    The traditional martial arts of Kendo, as taught by Pricipal Tatewaki Kuno.

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    Mutsabetsu Kakutou Saotome/Tendo Ryuu

    The Saotome/Tendo "Anything Goes Martial Arts" is a variant of the more traditional kenpo arts which are taught in Japan. There are up to twenty variants of this art which are taught by the Saotome and Tendo family, some of which are listed below:

    Mutsabetsu Kakutou Saotome Ryuu

    Form of the Anything Goes Martial Arts which lives up to the "Anything Goes" part. A practitioner will use anything and everything to succeed, restricted by a strict honour code. Many of the following techniques were created by Ranma Saotome during his youth and are now incorporated into the Saotome Form of Anything Goes.
    • Martial Arts Headbanging: Used by Saotome Ranma to beat the King of Disco Martial Arts, Johnny L. Travolta.
    • Martial Arts Diaper Changing: Recently created by Saotome Ranma after the birth of his first child, requires the Kachuu Tenshin Amariguken fist.
    • Sui-ken Ranma: Based on the Wong Fei Hung Drunken Fist, this style is the only known martial art which can defeat a master magic user's "Bud Missile" spell. Requires a low tolerance of alcohol.
    • Saotome Syle Hammer Avoidance: A not very effective style to avoid the hammers of Saotome Akane, but works quite well against other hammer specialists.
    • Neko-ken: The most lethal style of the Saotome Anything Goes School, it replaces a martial artist's humanity with a cat's mentality. Requires a student to be trained in a cat pit at a young age. However, a trained user of the Neko-ken will become deathly scared of cats.
    Special moves form another level of the Saotome form of Anything Goes:
    • Kachuu Tenshin Amariguken: The standard speeding bullet fist move which Saotome Ranme uses. Allows a trained martial artist to deliver up to 1500 full strength punches in under 6 seconds.
    • BeedeeBeedee: A head noogie followed by a poke to the eyes. One of the less honourable moves in the repertoir of a Saotome Anything Goes master.
    • Hiryuu Shoten Ha: The "Dragon Ascension Fist" which creates a massive twister using the opponents hot Ki and the user's cold Ki energies.
    • Moko Takabishi: A ki-based blast which when used properly can devastate an area the length of a football field. Requires extreme confidence from the practitioner.
    • Saotome Ry gi - "S, K, K": The Run, Think, Attack move of the Saotome School. An Ultimate technique of a sort, which allows the practitioner to make a tactical retreat and come up with a new strategy.

    Mutsabetsu Kakutou Tendo Ryuu

    A purer form of the Anything Goes Martial Arts with many of the moves and katas which one would expect to learn from the kenpo arts. The basis for this form is strength and endurance training.
    Special moves which are taught to practitioners of the Tendo Style of Anything Goes include:
    • Tendo Hammer Attack: The use of raw ki energy to form a pan- dimensional mallet to attack an opponent. Mallets can come in all sizes and weight; from the mini-5 kilogramme pinky bashers to the ultimate Widowmaker 2000 tonne megasmasher.
    • Tendo Cute Technique: A style which is used to discomfit the opponent. Extremely effective against baka hentai perverts.
    • Baka Power: Allows a fully trained Anything Goes martial artist to project a red or blue aura around his entire body. Doesn't do anything else, but really looks cool especially when wearing 'shades.

    Mutsabetsu Kakutou Happou Ryuu

    The perverted style of Anything Goes Martial Arts, originating from the (hopefully) deceased Happousai. This is the most dishonourable style of Anything Goes Martial Arts and is banned from use at Anime University. There are however history martial arts classes which go through some of the more interesting aspects of this style.
    Some of the special moves include:
    • Happou Dai-karin: Fused ki-grenades which are generated from a master's ki which can be thrown at enemies.
    • Happo Go-en Satsu: A form of ki-blast which can be used to suck ki energy from a target as well as release it as a ki projectile to decimate enemies. Requires a 5-yen coin. Variant of this attack are the Happou Goju-en Satsu which uses a 500-yen coin, and the Happou Hoop-en Satsu which requires a basketball hoop.
    • Panty Removing Attack: A technique that allows the combatant to remove the panties of an unsuspecting female without even touching her. This technique is banned by the Inter-universal Martial Arts Federation, and anyone caught using this method will be subjected to Jusenkyo human female water and then jailed with the Overfiend for 12 years, as was done to Happosai and Ataru Moroboshi.

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    Special Weapons Combat

    The Special Weapons Combat Division of the Faculty of Physical Violence train students in specialised forms of martial arts. Each of these schools dedicate their training through one specific weapon-type.

    • Lightning
    • Hyper-mallet combat
    • Mass Destruction specialists: Taught by the infamous Lovely Angels and the Dominion Tank Police, this school teaches the ultimate in full scale death and destruction. Graduates of this school are automatically bonded to the WWWA for a period of 15 years. All training and supervision is free for students.
    • Martial gymnastics
    • Martial Ice skating
    • Explosives Training: An art of selective explosions, as taught by resident explosives expert Minny May Hopkins. Graduates of this course have no problems finding work as demolitions experts in both the military and commercial sectors, as well as special effects people for big movie studios.

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    Weapons Marksmanship

    Shooting a weapon means nothing if you can't hit the target. The Faculty of Physical Violence offers the following 8-week courses in marksmanship and weapons handling:

    • Weapons Handling: Cleaning, restoring and maintaining your firearm of choice.
    • Marksmanship training: Learning how to shoot with your heart and head as one. The perfect bullseyes, over and over again. Note: Graduates of this course are not allowed to participate in any amatuer shooting competitions due to their extreme expertise in marksmanship.
    • Combat Shooting

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    Mecha and Powersuit Division

    Using a combat mecha or powersuit effectively takes years of training. At Anime University, we excel all forms of known mecha training.
    The following courses are being offered this semester:

    • Mecha Calisthenics
    • Mecha Weapons Training
    • Survival Training
    • Mecha Maintanence
    • Powersuit Maintanence
    • Formation Maneuvers

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    Supercharging your Ki - The Saiyajin Training Hall

    Ki training is an integral part of martial arts studies at the Saiyajin Training Hall. It is the purpose of this training facility to train our students in the most devastating and effective arts of ki manipulation.
    Ki-Techniques taught at this facility include:

    • Bukuujutsu: The art of flying using ki energy. Thought to be a lost art, but actually practiced in secret by ki masters, this art was brought to light again by Son Gokuu at a martial arts tournament.
    • Kamehame-ha: A general purpose ki-blast taught to all students of this facility. Higher level students can control the direction of these blasts. A variant of this ki-blast is the Kamekame-ha, which is similar in nature, but utilising a slightly different ki-gathering technique.
    • Genki Dama: A technique of gathering up life force energy from all living creatures around the caster, which can be used as an offensive blast to totally vaporise opponents. Higher level students can gather life energy from across the solar system.
    • 1-2-Tali-Som: The art of hidden Ki attacks. Your opponent is subjected to a deceptive kid's game, when you disrupt his ki-source and defeat him using conventional means.

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    Shaolin Kungfu

    The teaching of the more traditional martial arts can be found here on University Island at the Dailin Temple, at the Central Kiyaa Mountain Range. The location of this temple is a closely guarded secret, and only those who are found worthy of the Shaolin creed are allowed to train there. Abott Wu is the current head of the temple, and also the strongest of the martial temple monks.
    Forms of Shaolin martial arts practised by the Dailin Temple monks are:

    • Crane
    • Snake
    • Tiger
    • Mantis
    • Staff and Pole
    • Chinese sword
    • Shaolin Fist

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    The Dragon Returns

    The followers of Jeet Kun Do set up a branch here at Anime University. Although the art of Jeet Kun Do has not varied from the time its founder Bruce Lee created it, it is still a strong form of martial arts and provides the practitioner with a strong mind and healthy body.

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    Other Martial Arts

    There are many other schools of martial arts loated at Anime University. Most of them come and go as the masters move on to other things. This semester the following schools are open to students:

    • Shotokan Karate: Masahara Kinkyu, Grand Master
    • Chinese Wushu: Wan Hou Lee, Grand Master
    • Drunken Fist Kungfu: Wong Fei Hung, Grand Master
    • The Coward's way of Combat

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