Anime University

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

This faculty provides a basic foundation in arts and sciences that can be found universe-wide. Students normally take the courses offered by this faculty as minors or supplemental courses, but there are some who excel in certain fields (music, modeling and cooking) and are offered degrees.

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts at Anime University offer a variety of courses which are very popular with students from other faculties. Although we do not offer degrees in any of these courses, students are welcome to attend any of them. Be warned that these courses are as tough as some of the harder engineering and science courses, and they should not be taken by students who wants to jack up their averages with some easy subjects.

    Some courses offered at the Faculty of Arts:
  • Food and Beverages (Instructors - Akane Tendo-Saotome, Xian-pu, Belldandy, Kasumi Tendo).
  • Wishful Thinking (Instructors - Mihoshi, Ukyou Kuonji)
  • Poetry (Instructor - Principal Tatewaki Kuno)
  • History and English (Instructor - Ms. Hinako)
  • Crying on demand (Instructor - Soun Tendo)

The full course catalog can be found in the students Faculty of Arts course description.

Dean of Arts : Natsume Atsuko

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science

This faculty offers advanced science courses for those who prefer to dabble in them. Of course it is recommended that students have PhDs in sciences from other universities, otherwise they would most probably be as lost as Ryouga Hibiki in a well-lit closet with one door and and exit sign.

Dean of Science : Dr. Gero

School of Music

The School of Music offers advanced music classes to their students. All students must have at least an RCM Grade 8 or equivalent in order to be offered a place. All students are trained in at least two instruments (major and minor), and are encouraged to partake in the various orchestra groups.
Dean of Music : Dr. Madoka Ayukawa

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