Anime University

Faculty of Engineering and Mecha Design

This faculty offers our students a chance of biting into the teeth of current technology in all engineering fields. Most of our undergraduate students in their final year equal post-graduate degree holders in most universities elsewhere. We encourage them to explore new ideas and frontiers of engineering and mecha design.

Through the latest innovations of hyno-teaching to absorb vast amounts of information, we commit to reduce the demand for new engineers and mecha designers universe-wide by offering well-rounded graduates capable of performing their utmost in almost any field of engineering.

Course for the upcoming semester can be found in the university Faculty of Engineering course description.

Dean of Engineering : Dr. Sylia Stingray
Associate Dean : Dr. Chaos
Guest Professors for fall/winter semester : Prof. Al Einstein II
Head of Starship Design : Dr. Henry Lang
Mecha Design Specialists : Bert and Ernie
Robbie the Robot

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