Anime University

Island Hospital

This hospital boasts every known medical technology and techniques throughout known space. Staffed by the best graduates from Anime University's Faculty of Medicine, it is highly respected and famous.

Island Hospital comprises three of four buildings joined to make a cross (the fourth is the Faculty of Medicine). With 400 rooms, 16 surgical centers, two outpatient wards and four trauma centers, this hospital is fully equipped to handle any form of medical emergencies and cases.

Head Administrator : Akiko Natsume
Chief of Surgery : Dr. Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce
Head Nurse : Kasumi Tendo-Tofuu

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers all the medical courses to our students to ensure that they are well prepared to help their patients lead long and happy lives. Graduating students frequently have more than one offer from well established hospitals.

Courses for this semester can be found in the Faculty of Medicine course description.

Dean of Medicine : Dr. Washuu Hakubi
Senior Professor : Dr. Ono Tofuu

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