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Faculty of Physical Violence

Anime University's best-known faculty, the Faculty of Physical Violence (also known as the Faculty of Applied Violence) is the best of all training schools in the known universe. Students from this faculty have taken part in both the Tenkaichi Budokai and the Street Fighting Universal Championships and taken first, second and third place five years in a row.

Various schools of martial arts and offensive skills can be found here. Below are just a few of the more established schools of martial arts:

Hand to Hand/Ki

Head Sensei : Kenshiro
Assistant Sensei : Saotome Ranma
: Hibiki Ryouga

Weapons specialists

Head Sensei : Mu-shu (Mousse), Hidden Weapons Specialist
Assistant Sensei : Kenshin Himura, Blade Master

Special Combat Division:

This division covers specialty martial arts, either for combat sport or for relaxation.

  • Lightning - Lum no Midorikami
  • Hyper-mallet combat - Tendo Akane, M. Kaori
  • Spatula combat - Ukyou
  • Mass Destruction specialists - Lovely Angels, Dominion Tank Police
  • Martial gymnastics - Kodachi
  • Martial Ice skating - Mikado and Azusa
  • Explosives - Minny May Hopkins

Mecha and Battle Armour Combat

This division, with the help of the designs and manufacturing capabilities of the Faculty of Engineering and Mecha Design, provides 90% of the universe's best mecha and battle armour specialists. All students of this six-year programme are cross-trained in all forms of land, air, sea and space mecha, and many opt for minor degrees in starship piloting and combat.

Space training is performed at the Space Campus.

Head Instructor for Mecha : Maximillian Jenius
Head Instructor for Battle Armour : B-Ko Daitokuji
General Instructor : Dr. Sylia Stingray

Weapons Marksmanship

This school started off as a lark when Ryo Saeba and Mick Angel took on the best US Marine sharpshooters in an competition two years ago. With nothing but snub-nosed .38 S&W "Police" specials, these two idiots outshot marines armed with the latest in high-accuracy sniper rifles. The US Marine brass were so impressed that they asked the administration of Anime University to set up this division to train their sharpshooters.

Nowadays anyone, civilian or military, who qualifies is eligible for the courses offered by this school.

Sensei : Ryo Saeba
Sensei : Mick Angel
Sensei : Umibozu

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