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Island Port Authority (IPA) Facilities

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University Island's Port facilities are mananged by the Island Port Authorities (IPA).

University Island Starport Facilities

Star Port and Related Facilities

The island's starport caters to all species arriving via starship or interplanetary shuttle. Twice-daily flights to Anime University's Space Campus are available from terminal 4.

The starport can accomodate starships from two-man hyper-couriers to Starleaf-class battlecruisers. Larger ships have to use the Space Campus Starport Facility which can cater up to Macross-class carriers.

Up to 50 ships of all sizes and shapes can be handled at one time. Refueling and recharging facilities are available, as are "pit-stop" centers for passengers and crew on transit to other destinations.

University Island Shopping Arcade

University Island has some of the best specialty shops anywhere on this planet, and even outer space. From magic to science, everyday to hard-to-find, these shops offer items that can blow your mind.

    Silky Doll Shop

    Silky Doll at Lady633

    Owned by Prof. Sylia Stingray and run by her brother, Mackie, this fashionable lingerie boutique competes with the likes of Victoria's Secrets and Frederick's of Hollywood, and wins!



    This gaming arcade is run by N3562, a former Genom military boomer who achieved sentience after the pink Knight Saber rewrote its neural code. The latest in VR and cybertech arcade games are always available, and if you can't find a game which you'd like to play, just ask and it'll be delivered in a week.

    Webnet Cafe

    A posh WWW surfing coffee house, where one can enjoy a cup of java and hack javascript simultaneously.


    A shop full of magical items, be careful of what you touch - it may be bad for your karma (and your soul).

    Gunsmith Cats

    Gunsmith Cats

    This custom gun shop can deliver any make and model of firearms available on the world market, and then some. Fancy a WWWA plasma rifle, or a scaled-down version of Yamato's wave cannon? Or how about a simple British Anime-Tech Vindicator-X squad automatic cannon? Just ask and ye shall receive!

    NOTE: certain specialty weapons are illegal outside of University Island and must be rendered permanently non-functional before allowed to be taken off the island.

    Cat's Eye Cafe

    Cat's Eye Cafe

    Frequented by pretty women and handsome hunks (and the occasional cat), this cafe offers food and beverages at very reasonable prices. Be careful when Ryo Saeba walks in - things may turn ROUGH very quickly!

    The Cat's Eye is currently owned and operated by Miki and Hayato "Umibozu" Izyuin.



    Phoebe's is one of the most popular fitness clubs in Asia. With the newest in aerobic techniques and exercise equipment, anyone will get a full body workout easily.

    Andy's Bargain Wholesale

    The only bargain basement shop on the island, Andy's offers rugged clothes and everyday use items at phenominally low prices. Very popular with the students and the Faculty of Physical Violence.

    Raven's Garage

    Raven's Garage

    This garage offers custom modifications of all kinds to any two or four-wheeled vehicle. And if you don't call him "Pop", you might even get him to tune-up your mecha.

IPA Immigration and Customs

All newcomers to the island must go through IPA customs and immigration and attend the full-day training course on University Island's peculiarities (course IMANWBEE4).

Island Hotel

Island Hotel is the only short-term accomodation available on University Island. Comprising 450 single, double, budget and luxury rooms, this hotel offers facilities that easily equal those found at any 5-star hotel on Earth. Prices are very reasonable and all major Terran credit cards are accepted.

Warehouse District

All exports are stored in these gigantic warehouses for IPA customs inspection before allowed to be shipped off the island. This is to prevent illegal substances and weapons to be proliferated.

Sea Port and Related Facilities

The island sea port was built to cater for the high volume of trade and commerce to and from the island.

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