Anime University

Employment Opportunities

Volunteers Wanted

for medical experiments. Pays well, Part time appointments only. Guaranteed no mutations. Apply to:
Dr. Hakubi Washuu, Faculty of Medicine
(Vmail - WHakubi@facmed.animuniv)

Janitorial Staff Employment openings

Want a job of a lifetime? Fascinated with blood and gore? Apply to be a sanitation engineer with the prestigous Anime University's Proving Grounds staff! Good pay, with overtime. Free lodging and food provided. Apply to:
Sanitation Department, Proving Grounds
(Vmail - rootoroot@sandept.prvgnds.animuniv)

Secretary for Principal

I, Principal Kuno, and in need of an assistant to aid me in mine duties as Principal. The applicant must be worthy of mine skills and be compliant to mine wishes.
Apply forthwith to mine illustrious administration department.
Pigtailed redheads or cute blackhaired damsels only need apply.

Hentai Control Specialists Required

We are looking for hentai control specialists. They must be well versed in transdimensional mega-mallet uses, with near-100% striking capability on hentais within a radius of 100 meters.
Apply to: Tendo Akane (Vmail - ATendo@facphys.animuniv).

Wanted, Dead - Happosai

Happosai We would like to have a pervert by the name of Happosai assasinated. Picture is attached. Licensed bounty hunters or mercenaries only. No vigilantes please - we have an image to maintain.
All Interested applicants send resume to:
Female Student Union (Vmail - femstud@stuclubs.animuniv).

Taste Testers Wanted

The Faculty of Arts's school of Food and Beverages would like to hire taste testers for cooking classes. Due to the fact that the instructors cannot afford to be hospitalised during cooking examinations, we are looking for hardy individuals who can eat anything and survive to give an opinion of the "food" that was consumed.
Apply to: TastersChoice@facarts.animuniv. Send resume and experiences.

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