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Student Dormitories and Cafeteria

Engineering Manufacturing Facilties

This facility is equipped with nanotanks to allow our aspiring designers to manufacture mecha and equipment to exacting tolerances. We also offer conventional manufacturing equipment for students and faculty staff who want to realise their designs in a more cost-effective manner.

This facility is licensed to manufacture combat mecha and weaponry under the Tendom name. Tendom military and para-military products are one of the highest selling items within the military and police forces in the known universe.

Engineering Design Center

Engineering Design Center

The Engineering Design Center is a state-of-the-art design facility chartered by Anime University to explore the new frontiers in engineering and mecha technology. Founded in 2033 by Professors Sylia and Mackie Stingray, this facility continues to provide much of the innovations in engineering and mechatronics seen throughout the known universe.

Job openings, if any, can be found on the Employment Opportunities page.

Student Classrooms and Labs

This faculty's students enjoy the latest in teaching materials and lab equipment. Most of our undergraduate students in their final year equal post-graduate degree holders in most universities elsewhere. We encourage them to explore new ideas and frontiers of engineering and mecha design.

Through the latest innovations of hyno-teaching to absorb vast amounts of information, we commit to reduce the demand for new engineers and mecha designers universe-wide by offering well-rounded graduates capable of performing their utmost in almost any field of engineering.

Mecha Training Area

Mecha Training

Mecha Test and Training Area

We are equipped in the latest in training mecha to ensure that our power armour and mecha operator students utilise their capabilties to the fullest. We also encourage final year students to test out their new mecha designs in combat with the latest in combat technology available on the open market.

To reduce the amount of external damage, the mecha training and testing facility is equipped with high performance force shields and energy dampeners. The molecularly strengthed tungsten-rheinium armour used to shield the facility can also absorb most impacts from mecha weaponry, and the variable gravitic controls can be used to test our students under most exacting conditions.

Flight School

Flight School

To even be considered a place in Anime University's flight training program, our students need to be experienced pilots, preferably with combat experience. We offer the highest standards in atmospheric and non-atmospheric combat training. All graduates from this university's program are in high demand in open market of today.

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