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Map of the Faculty of Magic

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1. Student Dormitories and Cafeteria

2. Magic storage Facility

All of the more powerful magical items found on this island are stored here under heavy magical, astral and physical security. It is said only a kender can break into this facility, but only with the help of a faculty member.

3/4. Twin Towers of Raistlin

Certain forms of magic can only be performed from very high towers, which was the sole purpose why the twin towers of Raistlin were built at this facility. Stretching nearly 500 meters into the sky, these towers are said to be indestructible (they survived a proto-matter bomb attack in the early 21st century by anti-magic fanatics with no damage whatsoever).

5. Magic Labs

To do magic, you've got to have labs. Anime University's magic laboratories look nothing like those depicted in early Disney animated features, but perform the same of functions - to generate magical items and potions which imbue the user with specific magical powers. To prevent the occasional explosions, each lab is shielded magically and physically reinforced to withstand even the immense powers of Saotome Akane's cooking.

6. Classrooms

Places of learning for students of this faculty.

Schneider Park

7. Dark Schneider Park

This park was founded in the name of one of the most powerful and prolific magic user of our time. Various magical exhibits, most of high complexity and difficult to reproduce, decorate this park in the name of magic and the occult. Our prize exhibit is the wishing well from Phentax IV, brought to this island to prevent misuse. It is said that your deepest wish will come true if you toss in a coin. However, if the wish and your subconcious don't agree, well, the results is something that you could "sweep under the rug"...

8. Mundane Object storage facility

9. Illusion laboratories

Similar to the "holodeck" in the 20th century Star Trek TV series, the illusion laboratories at the Faculty of Magic are used to allow students' to practice illusion magic. The lab itself is magicked to prevent these illusions from taking form and damaging the facility and its surroundings.

10. Employee housing

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