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Training Halls

All training facilities on this island are reinforced with armour plating to reduce the costs in repairing holes and walls smashed by overeager students (and their trainers). However, our keen students seem to find many innovative ways of taking out the dojos and gyms (sigh). There is talk of using the latest in force shield and holographic technology instead of the traditional paper, wood and plaster, but so far, this is still under investigation.

All ki-based training must be done at the Ki-training islands. Combat sparring is done either at 500 meters above sea-level (for students who can levitate and fly) or in the Room of Space and Time (see below).

Employee Housing

Camping Grounds

The only approved camping grounds is a small island near the Faculty of Physical Violence. It's a place where students and university employees can take some time off and enjoy the peace and quiet of the wild. No viewlinks are allowed on this island, and to enforce the peace and quiet it is limited to a maximum of six campsites at a time. Bookings can be made through University administration at the Main Campus.

Room of Space and Time

The Room of Space and Time from the Dragonball universe is a breakthrough in high-gravity environment training facilities. It allows the user to train at high g levels at reduced real time (this version of ROSAT allows users to experience 1 year of room-time to 1 day of real-time).

Ki-training areas

Due to the natural destructive nature of ki-blasts and ki-based attacks, these two islands were set aside by the faculty for ki-based training. All ki-blasts are to be aimed towards open water to prevent any cataclysmic destruction (although sometimes misguided ki-blasts have a tendency of causing tsunami which the trainer then has to dissipate before the island gets swamped).

There are plans to set up ki-dampeners around these two islands, but so far the cost has been quite prohibitive. The faculties of Magic and Engineering are working on cost-effective magical and technological solutions respectively. However, it seems like a combination of magic and science may prove the cheapest way to prevent ki-blast mishaps.

Student Dormitories and Cafeteria

Bay of Depression

During the initial explorations of this island, Tendo Ent. employee Ryouga Hibiki let off a major depression ki-blast in this area, causing what is now known as the FacPhys island to become separated from the rest if University Island. It must be noted that Ryouga-san was not penalised for his lack of control; rather, he was given a bonus (as well as some psychiatric help), as chairman Nabiki Tendo was at that time considering some landscaping to this part of the island anyway.

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