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Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds is the place where our students outgrow their baby teeth. All the spells, techniques and technology this university has to offer has no value if they're not used in the most effective and efficient ways. This area of University Island prepares our students to face the worst possible challenges without getting their brains wiped, bodies vaporised or their souls eaten.

Originally, the Proving Grounds was just stuffed with creatures and flora brought in through dimensional portals.Final year students were teleported into an undisclosed area of the grounds and had to find their way to the checkpoint to get out. This was found to be extremely dangerous (DUH!) after several students lost their lives. The area was redesigned after said students' families sued the university administration successfully, adding in security features and the newest miniaturisation technology.

The new Proving Grounds opened four years ago with faculty members from FacPhys, FacEng and FacMag successfully surviving each theme area to prove the safety of the new system. Safety of the trainee is now of the highest concern to the administration. All creatures, objects, buildings and plantlife was miniaturised to 1/50th of their original sizes (this includes all faculty members or students undergoing training in the Proving Grounds) to allow university security to better deal with any threats. This also allowed the Proving Grounds to become much larger in dimensions and allowing the designers to add in things that could not have been realised without miniaturising.

Security features include:
  • Automated watchtowers armed with the latest in magic dampers, ki-deflectors and enough modern weaponry to level several Zentraedi battlesquadrons. Teleport guns with ranges up to 50 km are currently being added to the arsenal.
  • An impervious barrier reaching to 500 meters blocks off the entire Proving Grounds from the rest of the island. A checkpoint guards the only entry and exit of the grounds. The Miniaturisation and dimensional teleportation facilities are located there.
  • A transparent force barrier which blocks anything that is magical, sentient or living located 500 m above the entire grounds. This barrier has two backup generators and can also be sustained infinitely through a magical barrier stone located at the Faculty of Magic.

The Proving Grounds are home to several "themes":

  1. Fantasy/Magic
  2. The Fantasy and Magic area allows our students to train their battle and magical skills against creatures of darkness. This is the most popular, and the most dangerous are in the Proving Grounds. Due to the large number of enemies that one can come across, entry is only allowed to groups of two or more. Groups consisting of at least one magic user, one healer, one fighter and a thief are recommended, and all students must be in their final year of training.

  3. Post-Holocaust Earth
  4. This theme is for the Fist of the North Star buffs. In this area, megalomaniacal super badguys and their incredibly huge thugs do battle with our students for domination.

  5. MegaTokyo/NeoTokyo
  6. In a place where megacorporations rule and technology runs rampant, our students get to face mecha, boomers, powered armour and other high-tech enemies. Feel like being the ultimate vigilante? Then this training area is for you.

  7. Prehistoric Desert
  8. This area is mainly for strength, endurance and climate training. In a land where water is scarce and carnivorous creatures abound, our students can focus on their physical and mental abilities.

  9. Ancient Japan
  10. This theme replicates ancient Japan during the Shogunate, where whole armies of men and horses clash to determine the rulers, and political maneuvering includes assassinations through ninja. No firearms are allowed except for powder-based muskets and ball pistols, and the master swordsman is considered the ultimate warrior.

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