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Relief Deity Office

Relief Deity Office Map

Deity Housing

Deities, like all sentient beings, have to have a place to call home too; a place to get away from it all, or like in the Morisatos' case, a place to spend earthly time with their beloved. For deities who are employed at Anime University, a place of rest has been set up at the RDO. Also available are temporary housing for deities who frequent the island but are not employed by the administration.

RDO Office

RDO Offices

The RDO island branch is a subset of the main office in Valhalla which performs many of the wishes, requests and summonings for the areas surrounding University Island. This generates quite a bit of work, as the Yggdrasil computer system has to be constantly updated so that all the wishes and requests are kept track of. Currently there are 14 deities who are on permanent duty here, 4 of whom carry out wishes and requests on a rotating basis.

Temple Area

Most worshippers need to have some form of religious shrine or temple to appease their deity of choice. Similarly, most deities must have one or more locations which focus their energies. The temple are in the RDO is set up for just this purpose - to allow worshippers of all religions to worship their deities. Demon worshipping is not allowed at Anime University, although the study of demons and demon summoning may be carried out at the Faculty of Magic.

Bell's Cafe

Bell's Cafe

Morisato's, or more popularly Bell's Cafe, is THE place to meet deities, metadeities and heavenly helpers. Run by Keiichi and Belldandy Morisato, this place is usually packed during lunch and dinner, and reservations must be made weeks in advance to get a seating anywhere near Kamisama on His frequent trips to this RDO branch.

Summoning Area

Summoning Area

The most heavily warded area of the RDO, the summoning area is reserved for deity use to summon their minions, helpers or even high-level demons to do their bidding. Two deity security officers of Class One level, unlimited power rating, guard this facility 24 hours a day to prevent demons or mischevious deities from hacking into the area. This was started two years ago when the demonness Marller managed to break in with Loki and nearly totalled half the island.

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