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Space Campus - Sanctuary 5 Station

Sanctuary 5, model
Model of the University's space campus station

Anime University's Space Campus, the Sanctuary 5 station, is located at Earth's Lagrange 5 point, a stable gravitational point between the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planets in the solar system. Based on a Bernal sphere design from the 1970s, the space campus is 10 kilometers long and 2 kilometers in diameter at the widest point.

Originally designed as a mecha space testing and manufacturing facility, it has been recently upgraded for space combat training with both mecha and powersuits. It is also the University's training center for null-gravity activities, such as micro-gravity combat, zero gravity gymnastics and high-powered ki training.

The Space Campus is also a universally reknown tourist spot, with up to 5 million people visiting its well-designed hotels, mineral spas and scenic spots anually.

Sanctuary 5 Description

Cutaway pictore of Sanctuary 5
Cutaway of station, showing individual modules

The end facing Earth is a subspace transmitter array allowing inhabitants of the space campus to contact Earth-based receivers in realtime. Smaller communication arrays are located throughout the station with shorter range and power for station-to-ship communications. Interstation communcations are handled through the viewlink system similar to the one used at the Anime University Island campus.

The other end of the station contains the starship docking facilities and starport terminals. Starships of up to Macross-sized battlecruisers are able to dock to the station, but usually, due to high traffic, starships larger than 1 km are parked in "docking booths" surrounding the station. Station-to-ship transfer of personnel and goods are made using the station's heavy duty shuttlecraft.

The station is equipped with eight solar fins 2.3 km in length, four each in 90 degree angles attached to the comminucations array and the starport. The fore solar fins power the communications array (with backup power coming from the three fusion generators on the station), and the aft fins generate current to be stored in the station's enormous power cells for a "rainy day".

The toroid structure facing the communications array (FOR-TOR) are used for agricultural purposes. Here, high-yield strains of rice, wheat and corn adapted to the microgravity environment are grown. The inner toroids are also home to livestock which supply meat and milk for inhabitants of the station.

The toroid structure facing the starport (AFT-TOR) are the manufacturing facilities of the station. Producing components and finished goods for Tendo/Genom (Tendom) Enterprises, these facilities run around the clock. They are highly automated, requiring only minimal human supervision.

Each toroid structure is split into four levels.

The only location on the station which has gravity is the colony sphere (COL-SPH), located between the AFT-TOR and FOR-TOR. This sphere houses all training, recreation, sleeping and eating facilities.

The entire station is connected using a tube transport system running through the middle of the station from the communications array to the starport. Sixteen tubes are available, each with forty transport shuttles.

Facilities available aboard Sanctuary 5

  1. Starport
  2. Stopover/Transit Facilities
  3. Long-haul facilities, hotels, 5-star dining facilities etc.
  4. 5-star hotels: Sheraton Ritz, Shangri-la, Paradise
  5. Elixir hot mineral spa resort
  6. Mecha loading and repair bays
  7. Starship repair bays
  8. Shopping arcades
  9. Separate facilities for non-oxygen breathing races
  10. Anime University Space Campus:
    • Mecha micro-gravity training facilities
    • Powersuit micro-gravity training facilities
    • Micro-gravity training centers
    • Space combat coordination center
    • Student and facility dormitories/living/dining facilities
  11. Tendom Main Manufacturing Facility
    - This facility is off-limits to unauthorised personnel.

Crew of Sanctuary Five

  • Crew complement: 5000 personnel
  • Sanctuary 5 Starport Administration:
    • Cmdr. Bruce Sheridan
    • Lt. Cmdr. Anna Ivanova
    • Chief of Security James Garibaldi
  • Sanctuary 5 Central Administration:
    • Delenn
    • Lothar
    • Nick Rivers
  • Sanctuary 5 Anime University Campus Administration:
    • Admiral (Ret.) Brian J. Gloval
    • Vice Admiral Noriko Takaya
    • Brian J. Mason

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