Anime University

Student Clubs and Organisations

Party Club

Party Club

This club does nothing but party, one after another. The club motto is to "Party 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year, and still maintain a grade A+ average". This club is the most popular club on the island and membership is not limited to just students.

Kendo Club

Kendo Club

The Anime University Kendo Club is the elite of the elite of Kendo clubs throughout Earth. Managed and run by Principal Tatewaki Kuno, this club achieves prominence year after year at all amateur Kendo Championships, and even some professional ones.

Anime University Cycle Club (AUCC)

Started by Keiichi Morisato, this student-run club specializes in two-wheel biking activities. All members are expected to own and know how to maintain their own motorcycles. The club members can be found at the gunnery range flats every weekend.

Paintball club

The paintball club is very popular with the gun crowd on the island. Held on weekends at the paintball area of the proving grounds, this club draws many participants, so many that bookings for the paintball games are full weeks in advance.

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