Anime University

Student Dormitories and Cafeterias

Student dormitories and cafeterias are found at any campus areas throughout the island, with the exception of the Proving Grounds, Relief Deity Office and the Gunnery Range. These dormitories provide all the facilities which a student at Anime University will need to have a healthy and happy life on the island. Rooms assignments are usually performed at the end of the term for continuing students, or two weeks before semester starts, for new intakes.

All Student rooms are ID coded to the individual student. Guests are allowed into the rooms by occupant invitation only. Please note that illicit contraband as defined in the University charter is not allowed to be kept in dormitory rooms - students can and will be expelled if such material is discovered.

All single and double rooms are of standard configuration:

    Single Occupant
  • Single wall bed, foldable for more space
  • Plasform desk with lamp
  • Waste receptacle
  • Viewlink/workstation terminal
  • Plasform closet
  • One ergonomic roller chair

  • Double Occupant
  • Two single wall beds, foldable for more space
  • Two plasform desk with lamp
  • Waste receptacle
  • Two viewlink/workstation terminal
  • Two plasform closets
  • Two ergonomic roller chairs
All rooms are self-contained, and in the event of emergencies, can be sealed against fire, water and vacuum with backup power for the environment control units to last up to 24 hours.

Students are requested to refrain from moving the room furniture around, or that they move them back to the original positions at the end of the semester. A redecoration charge will be levied if any furniture is found missing or in poor condition. Also, cooking on open-top stoves is not permitted in the rooms, but microwave ovens are allowed.

Showers and toilets are communal and cater to all known species of intelligent lifeforms.

Family-type rooms are also available for students with spouses and children. Please check with Student Accomodations for more information.

Each dormitory floor is equipped with a canned drink dispenser, ice machine and an emergency teleportal.

Student cafeterias at Anime University enjoy a rich variety of foodstuff and cater for all known species of intelligent lifeforms. Meal prices are very reasonable. So far, few complaints have been entertained by the Food Services Department, and any complaints or suggestions are acted out as fast as possible. Meals are charged to student's ID accounts, so no money is accepted at the cashier.

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