Tendo/Genom Enterprises
(Tendom Corporation)

Picture of Tendom
Tendom building viewed from Island hospital

The Tendo/Genom conglomeration was set up when the university administration decided that they did not want to be reliant on grants or any outside aid. Nabiki Tendo joined forces with the then fledging Genom corporation (under CEO Quincy) to create what is now the best-known mega-corporation in the known universe.

Recent history is full of pioneering efforts of Tendom employees in the fields of robotics (Dr. Katsuhiro Stingray, father of the boomer, who is now the VP of boomer operations at Tendom), spaceflight (the Quantum Singularity Drive was a development of the Tendom high energy division), and cyber-reality (the VWWW, or Virtual Worlds Wide Web, was made possible through new techniques developed by the Industrial Virtual Reality Labs of Tendom). All these innovations and inventions have allowed humankind and its allies to prosper and expand beyond their wildest dreams.

Today, the Tendom Corporation deals in almost all fields of high technology from selling of home computers to development and proliferation of nanotech and genetech. The highest selling product for Tendom is still the BU-33 series of boomers, which can be seen everywhere in the known universe, sweeping up garbage in city parks, or in the dangerous construction environments of Pluto and Mars building the latest starships.

Charter of Tendo/Genom Enterprises

All profits generated by Tendom are channeled into the following interests:
  • 40% into research and development
  • 40% to the maintanence of Anime University, University Island
  • 15% to non-profit aid organisations
  • 5% put into an aid fund for any crisis

Tendo/Genom Enterprises Administration

Joint Chief Executive Officers : Quincy (no known last name)
Nabiki Tendo
Assistant to the CEOs : Katherine Madigan
Director of Special Products : Katherine Madigan
Director of Robotics : Dr. Katsuhito Stingray
Head of Space Division : Cmdr. Brian J. Gloval
Head of BioMedical Division : Dr. Washuu Hakubi
Chief of Central Security : ED209-2
Tendom logo

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