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Visitor Information

Welcome to Anime University! This page covers all the information that you will require during your stay at University Island. You can also find this information in the "Welcome to Anime University" pamphlet available at the immigration center in the Island Port Authority (IPA) main terminal for 400 newyen.

Mandatory Safety Training

All newcomers to University Island must undergo a mandatory full-day training course (course IMANWBEE44) to adapt to life on the island. This course covers all facilities available on the island, do's and don'ts, emergency procedures and any special regulations. This is essential in reducing the number of fatal accidents due to ignorance or stupidity. A waiver for accidental death or maiming must be signed before you are allowed out of the IPA immigration center.

ID Badges

All visitors, students and employees are issued ID badges when on the island. These ID badges contain micro-transmitters which allow them to be tracked at all times. They also have a built-in panic signal which allows the central computer to initiate an emergency teleport to remove the badge user from a place of possible fatality. Please wear this badge at all times. For security reasons, you are required to return this badge to the IPA immigration center at the end of your stay at University Island.

Teleportation Centers

Teleportation is a way of life at Anime University. It is the safest and most convenient way of getting around the island. All new students with PSI-levels of 5 or higher are given training during initiation week in basic teleportation; others can rely on the many teleportation centers available on the island. If you have had prior training in teleportation, please inform any IPA personnel to arrange for access to the teleport system.


All communication within the island is handled through the Viewlinks system. This includes email, web access, inter-island and subspace (to Anime University's space campus). Usage of the viewlinks system will be covered in course IMANWBEE44. Portable and wrist viewlinks are also available.

Restricted Zones

Certain areas are off-limits to unauthorised personnel. To prevent unnecessary fatalities, please to not venture into these areas without a qualified guide. Please remember that on arrival to Island University, you have signed a waiver on any accidental damage or fatalities to your person.

Some off-limit zones include the fusion reactor, the gunnery range and the water desalination/treatment facility.


Accomodations at Anime University are located at the Main Campus, Faculty of Physical Violence, Faculty of Magic and the Starport. However, these are reserved for students and employees. All short term visitors are advised to stay at the University Hotel at the IPA facilities.

Currency at Anime University

Newyen is the only currency accepted at any store on the island and the space campus. All major currencies can be exchanged at reasonable rates at the Anime University Bank at the IPA immigration center. All major Terran credit cards are accepted.

If you have any further questions, please use the viewlink to contact IPA for clarification.

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