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Anime University - Set up to mimic a college webpage but with anime characters as teachers lots of fun. NOTE: Will open in a seprate window due to it's size. You're an Otaku If... - The title says it all, You're an Otaku If... fill in the blank as many visitors have.
Anime Laws - These laws are based on the laws of physics or the lack there of in the anime world. Drinking Game - It had to happen. Like any drinking game but using anime as your basis of the drinking. (Offline)
Purity Test - Take this test to see how hard core anime fan you really are, it might scare you. (Offline) Anime Songs - Just like weird al, songs with an anime theme to your tunes.
Anime Hookups - By picking your features in your mate, find out who you should get together with. NOTE: This is very outdated. Survival Guide - This small guide will help you survive being an anime fan.
Basic Guide - Help on being an anime, some are truthfull and yet fun. Anime Definitions - Words or titles of anime with made up definitions.
Male Otakus - An ever growing list of why male otaku can't get girlfriends. Female Otakus - Another growing list of why female otaku can't get boyfriends.
HyperAnime - Medical condition cause by anime. Martial Arts - Descriptions of different styles of martial arts in anime.
Character Quotes - List of fans favorite sayings from characters. De-Otakunize - A 12-step program, helping you to stop being an otaku.
Too Many Conventions - List of reasons of why you've been to too many anime conventions. Too Much Series - A series of too much of something, IE: anime music, evangelion.
If I Become Series - A series of If you become something, IE: anime hero, anime villian.