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    Kaiyanwang [Demon-Eye King] (Shiva)

    The Kaiyanwan is the ruthless tyrant of the Triclops, and was known to have extremely long life as they suck the energy from other powerful Triclops when their powers weaken. Shiva is the second Kaiyanwan, and was originally a benevolent and even-tempered Triclop (it's hard to imagine). He brought up all the Parvatis, including Parvati IV (Pai) and was consequently engaged to Parvati IV (somehow), but when he became Kaiyanwan II, Parvati and the remaining Triclops used all of their power to bind him to a magical stone, called the Seimaseki. Since then, 300 years had passed and the seal had weakened, and soon Shiva will be able to terrorize the world again.

    Kaiyanwang is the ruler of the Sanjiyans. It took the lives of every Sanjiyan (except Pai) to banish Shiva, the last Kaiyanwang, to another dimension. In history according to Pai's consciousness (vol.10-11), Shiva was corrupted/empowered when the humanification process went awry. At that time, Shiva was not yet Kaiyanwang -- the title was held by a deformed four-armed Sanjiyan, who suicided after he was accidentally turned into a human.

    (In Hindu mythology, Shiva's third eye is partly Parvati's fault. According to legend, when Shiva's third eye opens, it will burn with light as bright as the sun.)

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