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    17 Years Old

    The Wu of Parvati/Pai, this poor guy has no choice but to accompany Pai on the never ending quest for humanity. Yakumo starts off pretty helpless at the beginning when he had to fend off creatures already preying on his immortality and Pai, having had his head blown off and body parts severed (yep, it's gory). However, in the space of the four years after that he (fortunately) acquired some martial arts and some "magic" called Shuumashutsu, which involves calling up certain "monsters" (Shuuma) to his service which he had defeated before. You have to see it to understand it (sort of). Though Parvati is unimpressed with Yakumo's performance as her bodyguard, he eventually does prove himself to be a very good Wu though later in the Manga (much later).

    Yakumo's father, Professor Satoru Fugii, left Yakumo and his mother behind while he traveled to Tibet in search of a mysterious tribe known as the Sanjiyan Unkara. Yakumo's mother left his father and disappeared from Yakumo's life. Thus Yakumo is left on his own. Yakumo attends school, while supporting himself by working at the gay bar "Culture Shock" as a transvestite waitress. Yakumo lives alone in an apartment in Tokyo were he attends high school as a normal seventeen year old. Yakumo, like any normal teenager, enjoys motorcycling and spending time with his close friends Tatsuya, Hideyoshi, Saru, and Natsuko. Although he was without both of his parents and struggling to make ends meet, he enjoyed his life. His job paid well and he loved to go on motorcycling trips with his friends. To him, everything was normal. However, all that changed the night he met Pai.

    Yakumo met Pai one night on his way to work. In the anime, he actually crashes into her with his bike, but in the manga he saves her from a mugger. Yakumo takes Pai to Culture Shock with him, after all, he is late. Once there the two introduce themselves and Pai realizes that Yakumo is the one she is looking for. She delivers a letter to Yakumo from his father. Yakumo's dad had died, but not before he found the last surviving member of the Sanjiyan Unkara, Pai! Professor Fugii promised to help Pai become human and his dying request was that Yakumo help Pai become human.

    Shortly after Yakumo learns about his father's death and Pai being one of the Sanjiyan Unkara, he finds himself being attacked by a giant bird-like creature. Yakumo knocks Pai out of the creatures path, but my doing so he sacrifices himself to the talons of the monster. Sometime later, Yakumo wakes up to find himself not only alive, but uninjured as well. In addition, a strange character had appeared on his forehead. Yakumo doesn't understand what is going on, but he decides to help Pai in her quest to become human.

    Pai's Wu

    When a Sanjiyan consumes a soul, the "Wu" mark appears on the victim's forehead. The "Wu" is a near-indestructible, soulless being who will only die when the Sanjiyan does. The status of "Wu" can be revoked or changed via extremely powerful magics, like the humanification process.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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