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    Ova 1 (Altered State)

    Yakumo is driving through Shinjuku late for work, when he "runs into" a girl looking to go to Junin-Machi. After this little incident, Yakumo takes the girl to Culture Shock, the transvestite bar he works at. The girl introduces herself to him as Pai, and after a while of talking she finds out that Yakumo is the person she has been searching for.

    Pai gives Yakumo a letter from his father (the late Satoru Fujii) and his father's skull. In the letter, Yakumo learns that Pai is the last descendant of the mythical race Sanjiyan Unkara, and her one wish is to become human. The only way for this to be done is to get the Ningen No Zou (Statue of Humanity) from Chin Aguri at the Yougekisha Company at Hong Kong. Who might Satoru have in mind for helping Pai? Why, Yakumo of course!

    Well, Yakumo is a little angry with his father (keep in mind he hasn't seen him in four years, and he's also the reason Yakumo's mother abandoned him when he was nine), and finds his request unacceptable. But this all changes when Yakumo sees Pai in a pretty dress...

    All seems well, for about two seconds, until Pai screams in terror at the television-- her pet Takuhii is shown rampaging around Shinjuku looking for his master! So, Pai and Yakumo speed off in search of Takuhii to calm him and get him back in Pai's walking stick. Unfortunately, Takuhii finds them first, but thinks that Yakumo is hurting Pai, and causes Yakumo's bike to crash. Pai stands in Takuhii's path to stop him, but Yakumo knocks her out of the way.

    Takuhii's claw grabs Yakumo and stabs him, killing him. Pai gets scared and flips her third eye open to 'devour' Yakumo's soul before he is completely dead. When Yakumo awakens, he finds himself covered in mud and blood, and with a strang red mark on his forehead. Finally Yakumo decides to leave for Hong Kong with Pai on her quest.

    In Hong Kong, the two search for the Yougekisha (Monster-busting) Company, run by Chin Aguri. When they arrive, a woman is thrown out of a window onto Yakumo, and Pai is knocked down by a group of men in trench coats- running away with the Ningen No Zou. Yakumo chases the car these men are in, but before he can get out of the street is hit by a bus. (Blech. What a mess...) Much to the surprise of all the passers-by, Yakumo emerges from under the bus's wheels without a scratch on him.

    The woman who was thrown out of the window introduces herself as Li Ling Ling, Assisstant Editor of the Yougekisha Company. She tells them that the Chief Editor and owner of the Yougeki Magazine, Chin Aguri, has disappeared investigating a story connected to the Ningen No Zou. Ling Ling also tells Yakumo and Pai that she has put a transmitter under the base of the statue. Not surprisingly enough, the three get in a car and follow the signal, which leads them to a mansion in a wealthy residential district of Hong Kong.

    In the mansion, they follow the signal to a room in the attic, where they find the owner of the house, Huang Song Li, held captive. After listening to Huang's story, a man bursts into the room, looking for 'Lady' Huang. This man is Chou, her late husband's assistant. Ling Ling explains her and her companions' presence in the mansion, but Chou pulls out a gun and takes aim at Ling Ling. Ling Ling beats the hell out of Chou, and she and the other two escape, only to be faced by a group of gun-toting henchmen who manage to turn Yakumo into a walking brick of swiss cheese (does this stop him, though? No...).

    In the attic, Yakumo asks Ling Ling about the 'Sign of the Void'. Ling Ling explains it is the mark given to the one whose soul has been devoured by a Sanjiyan, then assures him it is nothing more than an old Chinese wives' tale. Unexpectedly, the three are knocked out onto the roof and attacked by a three clawed demon. During this attack, Yakumo is screaming at Pai for stealing his soul. Pai flips her third eye, and tells Yakumo what happened to his soul as she destroys all the monsters. Pai explains that she and Yakumo are 'as one', and he is immune to death and destruction as she is. However, this is all balanced by the survival of Pai-- when Pai becomes human, then Yakumo's soul will be returned to his body, but if Pai should die then so will Yakumo.

    Pai's third eye closes, and she faints. Chou appears out of nowhere and steals the statue away from Yakumo and Pai. The three of them fall off the roof, and Pai manages to get ahold of the statue as Chou and Yakumo fight. Chou summons Fu-kwai (a water demon) to kill Yakumo, but Pai distracts the demon and causes it to come after her. Yakumo distracts Fu-kwai away from Pai with the statue, and blows himself and the demon up with a loose electrical line.

    Chou laughs and steals the Ningen statue away from a horrified Pai. Yakumo emerges from the flames of the explosion, Ling Ling appears with her clothes torn, and Chou finds himself surrounded. Shots are fired, and Huang is standing in the distance holding a machine gun. She claims that Chou is the one who killed her husband and caused her life to be upset. Chou, barely able to stand calls Huang by the name of 'Hsunkai', telling her that she is a traitor. With his last effort, Chou sends the Ningen No Zou into the sky, intending it to be lost forever in the spirit world.

    At the end, Yakumo is standing next to Pai who is sitting on a rail looking out over Aberdeen. Yakumo tells her that he will find the Ningen No Zou for her no matter what...

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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