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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Ova 2 (Who Needs Enemies?)

    This oav starts off with Yakumo and Pai back in Japan.

    Pai sees a picture of Yakumo with a bunch of people on a wall in his room and asks who they are. Yakumo says they are his friends, 'dachinkos' he calls them. Pai insists on calling Takuhii a dachinko, and lets him loose in the apartment, much to Yakumo's dismay.

    Breakfast comes to a close, and Yakumo heads off to school, leaving Pai alone at the apartment. At school, Yakumo expalins to his friends Tatsuya, Hiddeyoshi and Kunio where he's been and what he's been doing (in a school assembly). Of course when he tells his friends that he was in Hong Kong fighting superhuman beasts and that he has transformed into superzombie, then don't believe him, and then they all get kicked out of the school assembly. Standing in the detention area holding buckets of water, the four are spotted by Natsuko, who runs over to them excited about a cycle trip she's just finished planning. This is all blown to bits though when Tatsuya explains that Yakumo trashed his bike and went in to debt to go to Hong Kong.

    After school, Yakumo and his dachinkos go rummaging around in a junk yard to put Yakumo's new bike together. While Kunio and Hideyoshi are working, Natsuko sends Yakumo out for some drinks. On his way back, Yakumo is stopped by the Sanjiyan, who asks him if he's forgotten his promise to help Pai become human. She also tells him that his old life is over forever, that he must leave it behind and carry on with his promise. Yakumo begins to speak to Sanjiyan, but Natsuko runs over, sees Pai with her third eye open and freaks out.

    Sanjiyan disappears, and the bridge she was standing on collapses onto Yakumo and Natsuko. When the dust clears, a black monster with one fish-eye in a trench coat and hat is standing alone holding Natsuko. He declares that he's looking for the Sanjiyan. He wants to eat her flesh and suck her blood to achieve eternal life. Yakumo thinks he can stop this monster (the Gesu) from hurting Natsuko, but the Gesu blasts Yakumo against a piece of concrete which almost severs Yakumo's head completely off his body. Then the Gesu drinks Natsuko's blood, but stops when he sees the Sanjiyan's staff fly past his head.

    The Gesu flies up to where the Sanjiyan is waiting and is preparing to devour her, when she blasts him backwards and explodes him in mid-air. Meanwhile, Hideyoshi, Tatsuya, and Kunio are clustered around a groggy Natsuko, when Kunio and Hideyoshi see Yakumo standing-- with his left arm missing, a chunk of his left side blown away, and holding his head on his neck. Tatsuya turns around just in time to see the 'superzombie' effects that Yakumo told him about earlier. All of Yakumo's dachinkos flip out and run away, leaving Yakumo unconscious and armless at the collapsed bridge.

    When Yakumo is all healed, he goes back to his apartment in Shinjuku, only to find it has been ransacked in his absence, and that Pai is missing. So he runs over to Mama's (Kimie Sanemichi) apartment for help. There he finds Pai asleep holding a picture of the Ningen No Zou. Yakumo tells Mama what happened to his apartment, and what went on in Hong Kong with Pai. Mama believes him and tells him that perhaps Pai is right-- he can no longer go back to his old life, it would only cause unhappiness.

    The next day, on his way to school, Yakumo catches up with Hideyoshi and Tatsuya, who see him and claim they're late for class. Then Yakumo catches up with Natsuko, who just freaks out completely and runs away from him as fast as she can. Finally Yakumo finds Kunio, telling a group of girls that Yakumo has turned into a zombie who will kill them if they get on his bad side. Yakumo surprises Kunio, who drops to his knees begging Yakumo not to kill him.

    Later on during lunch, Yakumo is standing alone looking at the mark on his forehead, when Pai appears out of nowhere. Yakumo screams at Pai to just leave him alone because all his friends are afraid of him now. Pai is upset at first, then blows his outburst off, saying she's going to find Yakumo some new friends.

    As Yakumo is walking his bike home, he spots Pai sitting atop a fence talking with Natsuko. Natsuko asks Pai how long she's known Yakumo for, and Pai flips her third eye open, demanding to know what Yakumo means to Natsuko. Natsuko says they're just friends (but you can guess she likes him more than that). Pai tells her that Yakumo is her slave, created to protect her when she sleeps. She goes onto explain to Natsuko about her race, the Sanjiyan Unkara, who are capable of casting spells of tremendous power which run their bodies down, creating a need for someone to protect them while they rest. At what he sees as an opportune moment, Yakumo announces his presence to the two girls ( or shall I say monster and girl?), just in time to see Natsuko slap a magic charm over Pai's third eye.

    Natsuko's body then shoots up from the ground on this giant tree-type thing, and a fish-eye (much like the one the Gesu had) appears on her chest. The Gesu appears from around the corner of the fence and demands that Yakumo make him immortal. Pai is still lying on the ground, unconscious from the magic charm Natsuko placed over her third eye. Yakumo is left to fight the Gesu alone, and he gets the crap knocked out of him for a while... But then he pulls the magic charm off Pai's forehead, sticks it on the Gesu, opens Pai's staff, and blows the Gesu up with Takuhii.

    Pai's third eye opens and she walks over to Yakumo, who is down on his knees staring up at Natsuko's exploding body. The Gesu's form then breaks out of Natsuko's body, and tells Yakumo to make him immortal or he'll kill Natsuko. Yakumo says he doesn't know how, and the Gesu demands that Yakumo persuade the Sanjiyan to make him a 'Wu'. Yakumo turns to the sanjiyan for help, but she refuses and says the Natsuko's fate is within his hands. Just a LITTLE angry, Yakumo rips his headband off and tells the Gesu to merge with him, for his body can not die. So the Gesu shoots Yakumo with these tentacles, and is about to devour Yakumo when Pai jams her staff in the Gesu's mouth and explodes him all over the schoolyard.

    Natsuko is freed from the Gesu's hold over her, and all of Yakumo' s dachinkos, along with everybody else in the school, are standing outside, trying to figure out what has just happened. Yakumo apologizes to everyone and says he's going back to Hong Kong with Pai, when she stops him. She reminds Yakumo that those are supposed to be his dachinkos, and Natsuko steps forward to thank Yakumo and apologize.

    A few days later Yakumo and Pai are at the airport ready to leave for Hong Kong, and his dachinkos are there to see the two off.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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