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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Ova 3 (Life and Death)

    A man is shown performing some sort of a ritual, and is then shown sitting with Ling Ling. This man, Steve, has found the Ningen no Zou after picking up strange vibrations in the atmosphere. Steve takes Ling Ling over to a closet to show her what else he's found, but instead there is a large explosion. A young girl is shown running off towards the site of the explosion, and she says that it was her brother's apartment....

    The next day, Yakumo and Pai are waiting at the Yougekisha Company for Ling Ling, who contacted them saying she's found the Ningen no Zou. They are intruded upon by a girl wrapped in a brown cloak wanting to know who they are. Pai says they are just waiting for the Ningen no Zou, and then the girl flips out, kicks Pai into a corner and kicks Yakumo around. She says she is Meixin, the brother of Steve Lon. Meixin then flashes one of the heads of the Ningen to Pai, and Pai in her excitement drops some books on Yakumo's head.

    Just when everything is going SO well...some goons in trenchcoats bust in and attack Meixin, who manages to hold them off for a little while, but eventually gets the head of the Ningen taken away from her. Pai isn't worried by this, because she shrunk Takuhii and sent him to follow those men. After some meditation, Pai discovers the men have gone to a hotel in Hong Kong and are on the 32nd floor. Meixin asks if Pai sees her brother, Steve, and she does. He's been beaten and tortured, he could even die. So, the three decide to go off to the hotel. And when they get there...

    They're told there is no 32nd floor!!! Meixin flips out again and almost attacks the concierge, but Pai steps in and calls the man a liar telling him that her Takuhii's already been there. An older man and two others step in before the situation escalates and volunteers to take them to the 32nd floor. On the way up in the elevator, the man and his companions turn into these weird looking henchmen, and a gigantic firefly from hell morphs up from the floor of the elevator. Meixin faints, and Takuhii busts into the elevator to save Pai. Pai and Yakumo escape from the elevator, but the firefly from hell blows Takuhii's head off with a burst of energy. This burst of energy blows Yakumo out a window, and Pai down the hall. She is grabbed by what looks like another one of those weird minions.

    Yakumo climbs up the outside of the building and sneaks into the room where all those weirdos are and sees a gigantic gold statue. The statue has three eyes and fangs. Behind Yakumo is Meixin's brother Steve, tied to a chair. He tells Yakumo the statue is of Kaiyan Wang, an evil God of destruction. The weirdos are trying to resurrect him, and if they succeed then mankind will fall to the evil God.

    Meixin is chained to a big gray stone, and the firefly demon from earlier (Ryokou) is intending to use her as a sacrifice to Kaiyan Wang. Just when Ryokou is starting to get nasty with her, Yakumo throws an axe, cutting off Ryokou's tongue. Eventually Yakumo manages to get control of the Ningen No Zou and to subdue all the weirdos and Ryokou by threatening to break it. By doing so, Yakumo learns that Kaiyan Wang was a great and powerful Sanjiyan that learned to harness the power of evil to achieve his aims. But before he could succeed in conquering the world, there was a great battle in which Kaiyan Wang was sealed away by the surviving Sanjiyan. The Ningen No Zou is a key element in resurrecting Kaiyan Wang to take over the world.

    In a nifty, little surprise move, Ryokou smacks Yakumo with his tail, then sticks him in the arm with a needle-like thing from his tail. This needle-like thing pumps poison into Yakumo's arm, and Ryokou tells him that now he will cut out Meixin's liver with his own hand. As his arm is about to cut open Meixin's stomach, Yakumo cuts his hand off with a knife he was holding in his other hand. To make things even better, bullets start flying at the firefly from hell. Who's firing the bullets? Pai is!!!

    More bullets start flying from other people dressed up like the weirdo henchmen, but actually they are Ling Ling and Lady Huang's men come to help Yakumo find the Ningen. Steve frees Meixin, and they all run out of the room to a helicopter waiting on the roof. All but Pai, that is...

    Pai is left standing on the open hand of the statue of Kaiyan Wang. In the smoke is a dim shadow of a man, a man who also bears the Sign of the Void, like Yakumo. He watches as Pai is remembering her past, her memories about the Great War three hundred years ago in which Kaiyan Wang was sealed away.

    On the roof, Meixin points out that Pai is missing, and Yakumo goes back for her.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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