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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Ova 4 (Blind Flight)

    The room in the 32nd floor is now falling apart. Pai is standing on the open palm of the Kaiyan Wang statue, Benares is in the shadown watching her, and Yakumo is facing a new problem-- Ryokou (the firefly from hell), has just decided to pop back into the picture.

    After molding up from the floor, Yakumo is blasted around the room a few times by some of Ryokou's power blasts. Oddly enough, Yakumo notices that whenever Ryokou gives a power blast, his wings pop out and start beating very fast. That's just enough to give my hero an idea...

    Seeing his severed hand clutching a sword in a smoke-cleared area, Yakumo takes control of it and sends his hand and all flying through the air towards Ryokou. The sword cuts off Ryokou's wings, and Ryokou dies-- thrashing helplessly about the room.

    The 32nd floor is continuing to crumble. Pai can't be seen anymore, and Benares is seen vanishing into a cloud of smoking. Yakumo runs frantically about trying to find Pai, and finally finds her unconscious lying in front of the statue of Kaiyan Wang. Yakumo wakes her up and they escape back to the roof. Ling Ling returns out of nowhere with the chopper to rescue them, and they all fly off to Lady Huang's mansion.

    Two weeks later, Pai and Yakumo decide to go into Hong Kong for some shopping. Meixin sees it as her duty to tag along because she can show them the best deals (haha yeah right. we all know what she's up to...).

    In Hong Kong, while Pai is shopping, she senses a powerful presence that frightens her. Yakumo sees Pai's expression, and follows the direction of where she's looking. He goes down a dark alleyway, to find nothing, but when he turns to go back, Yakumo finds himself trapped by Benares. Yakumo sees the Sign of the Void upon Benares' head, and announces that he too has the same sign. Benares is insulted, and in a moment of wanting to be superior, blasts Yakumo back against a concrete wall. Sanjiyan floats down between the two, and gives her spiel on how the Ningen must not be desecrated.

    When Yakumo, Pai and Meixin return to the mansion, there is a recovery party to be held for Steve Lon. Unbeknownst to her, while she was in Hong Kong, an evil spirit entered Meixin's shadow, and while preparing for the party, this spirit took control over her. Meixin steals the Ningen from the lab in the mansion and tries to get away with it. She is stopped by the Sanjiyan in the courtyard, who destroys the evil demon with a small explosion. The Sanjiyan notices a golden bird fly over the courtyard after the spirit was killed, and she disappears after it.

    Yakumo finds the Sanjiyan in her room, talking to the golden bird, which just happens to look like Takuhii. It is really Benares. He proposes that the Sanjiyan bring the Ningen no Zou to Aberdeen by dawn and he will put her in a deep sleep, only to be resurrected when Kaiyan Wang walks the earth again. If she does not, then her friends will all be killed. In a flash of light, the gold bird is transformed into Takuhii's rotting carcass, and Benares' voice fades off in to the distance.

    Outside, near the coastline by Lady Huang's mansion, Sanjiyan buries Takuhii's body and prays for him at a small grave she made. Yakumo follows her there and begs her to tell him all that she knows of Kaiyan Wang and Benares. Sanjiyan speaks about the Great War 300 hundred years earlier, in which all her people lost their lives in a battle to seal Kaiyan Wang away forever. She says that she is tired of the fighting and life, that she must become human and join her ancestors. But first she must destroy Kaiyan Wang.

    Afterwards, Pai and Yakumo go to Steve's recovery party. They are having a good time, taking pictures together, eating, telling jokes. But then Yakumo leaves the party and goes out onto the balcony. Pai follows him out there, apologizing for anything she did wrong. It's then that Yakumo tells Pai he'll be going back to Japan once the quest is over. Pai is a little upset, and asks if that means he'll be leaving her. Yakumo doesn't want to leave her, and so he asks if she will go back to Japan with him and be his woman. Pai agrees, and well... you can guess what happens next...

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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