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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Ova 5

    (Legend of the Divine Demon: The Descendant)

    Ok, so there's this weird-looking old man doing funky hand symbols over what looks like a magic circle in the middle of a floor. Out of this circle springs Benares, the Wu of Kai Yan Wang. He orders all creatures of the demon world to find the last Sanjiyan and bring her alive to him. We now see two other people besides the old man, another man in a hood, and Yakumo. However, this little message is disrupted when the temple the three men are in starts to collapse in on itself. Who could be causing it? Why, Benares of course.

    A young man is sitting alone on the streets of Tokyo. He looks like a beggar. Someone drops a copy of Peachtime Magazine near by. The beggar picks it up, flips throught the pages, and stops. He gets up and runs down the street, clutching the magazine. What could be in that magazine that made him run like that?

    Next we see a young girl running through a schoolyard. She appears to be looking for something, and heads out towards the gates of the schoolyard. There we see two other young girls waiting for her. Who was the girl running through the courtyard? It was Pai. Only, she doesn't look quite the same...

    The two girls are her friends (Ken-Ken, the one with brown hair, and Don-chan, the one with long dark hair), and they are giving her a hard time for not telling them about her little escapade. What escapade? Why, Pai getting her picture in Peachtime Magazine of course...(start making a connection here-- the beggar with the copy of the magazine, and Pai getting her picture in Peachtime...hmm...)

    The three girls go off laughing and talking about what they all wish for, and finally they wind up in a mall. The whole time though, Pai feels as if someone is watching her. As they go to the top level of the mall, they see a strange looking beggar, and he's reading Peachtime. Ken-ken teases Pai that he's probably looking at her picture in the magazine. At that moment, the beggar looks up, and he sees Pai standing there before him, like a dream. The beggar pulls his hood back further, and we can now see that it's Yakumo.

    Yakumo stumbles toward Pai, and puts his arms around her, mumbling about how he's been searching for her for so long. Pai freaks out and goes running down the street with Yakumo in hot pursuit calling after her that she has no reason to run away. The running stops in an alley way as Yakumo grabs Pai's hand as she begins to levitate. Pai's bangs split, showing 3 diamond-shaped marks on her forehead, two of which fly off into the air. Beneath her a creature emerges, not Takuhii, but Fei-oh. Out of nowhere a car starts and smashes Yakumo against a brick wall, and Pai faints and lands on Fei-oh. The next thing we see are images of Pai's childhood. Images of her running away and her magical friends trying to protect her (but getting blown to bits).

    Suddenly Pai sits up, she's in a bed, in her room. Frightened by the dream she had, Pai gets up and goes downstairs to the living room door. Behind the door she hears Don-chan and Ken-Ken telling Yakumo that 4 years ago Pai and her parents were involved in a bus accident in Hong Kong, of which Pai was the only survivor. Because of this accident Pai has no memory. An old woman, Pai's grandmother, begins to cry, and Pai bursts into the room.

    Ken-Ken and Don-chan run upto her and start babbling incessantly about how worried they were and how Yakumo should be a little bit smoother when trying to get a date. The whole time though Pai's eyes are fixed on Yakumo, and she feels this warm presence inside her that draws her to him.

    Later that night Pai can't sleep and she goes out onto the balcony, where she meets up with Yakumo. He goes through what seems like 100 different lies before he tells Pai the truth, which she begins to realise, ties into the strange dreams she's been having. The dreams where she has 3 eyes, and these monsters are trying to get her and harm her.

    Straining to abandon all that she thinks she's ever known, Pai tells Yakumo that the life she's living has to be real also, because she knows her Grandparents, just like she knows him. (Nice little romantic interlude, which gets interrupted of course.) It begins raining dolls-from-hell, and Pai's life is in danger as these dolls try to attack her and Yakumo. Yakumo does his best and succesfully protects Pai until he sees this gigantic doll in a purple dress, who appears to be the ring-leader of all the dolls-from-hell. (this character's name is Kodama, and she just oh-so-conveniently manages to tear off her clothes. bet the guys liked that...)

    In addition to all this, Pai's grandparents show up, and they are possessed by dolls under Kodama's control. yakumo tells Pai to run away, and as she does, her grandparents catch her, and drag her back to Kodama. And as if Yakumo doesn't have enought to worry about, the dolls start shooting explosive arrows and darts at Yakumo. When their barrage is finally over, Kodama erupts from the ground and impales Yakumo on her sword-arm.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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