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Last Updated: 11/9/03

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    Story Introduction

    3x3 Eyes (or Sazan Eyes, in Japanese) is the story of a girl named Pai and her close friend and "Wu", Yakumo. By outward appearances, Pai appears to be no more than 16 years old, but she has actually been alive for over 300 years. She is one of the sole, surviving members of an ancient mysterious race, the Sanjiyan Unkara (Three-Eyed-Ones). The Sanjiyans are beautiful, extremely long-lived creatures who are capable of consuming one soul and merging it with their own. Pai, however, has no memory of her past, only that she has one goal: to become human. By all outward appearances, Pai appears to be a normal girl, with a bright, happy, personality. Most of the time, she seems unaware of her dual personality.

    Yakumo Fuji is (er, was) a rather normal Japanese teenager attending high school in Japan. Basically abandoned by his father and mother, Yakumo makes ends meet by working in a gay bar in Shinjuku, Culture Shock (he has no homosexual inclination, though). On his way to work one evening, he literally runs into (or over) Pai.

    This manga is written by Yuzo Takada, whose works include Super Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku and Blue Seed. Story-wise 3x3 Eyes has elements of fantasy, comedy, romance, and mystery presented in a pleasant mix, although the blood and gore factor is a little excessive in the OVAs.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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