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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Data Books

    3x3 Eyes no Himitsu 3x3 Eyes no Himitsu (Secrets of 3x3 Eyes)
    by Yogekisha Shinjuku Branch
    Softcover, 217 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Data House, 1993, 971 yen

    This is an unofficial book that speculates about answers to questions 3x3 Eyes fans may have. It is part of a series of "Secrets of..." books that have been published for many popular manga titles. The book appears to be well-researched, but it only covers the first 15 manga volumes. Perhaps a second book will be released to cover the later manga.
    3x3 Eyes Youma Daizukan 3x3 Eyes Youma Daizukan (Big Picture Book of Monsters)
    by Create A, supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department
    19cm softcover, 250 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Kodansha KCDX 934, 1998-4-24, 781 yen

    This is first official data book for 3x3 Eyes, with descriptions of at least 63 characters from the manga and overviews of several other topics. It also contains 4 color stickers, activities like crossword puzzles, and a short story 'Wandering Youma' by novelist Akinori Endo. This book has two big advantages over the unauthorized 3x3 Eyes no Himitsu book. First, it was able to include art taken directly from the manga, and there are pictures on nearly every page. Also, since it was published in 1998, it covers the first 27 manga volumes. Though all of the text is Japanese, this is definitely a book that hardcore 3x3 Eyes fans will want.

    Here is the Back Cover
    3x3 Eyes Another World 3x3 Eyes Another World
    supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department,
    organized by Katsumi Ishitsuka
    19cm softcover, 228 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Kodansha KCDX 1058, 1999-4-21, 800 yen

    One year after the publication of the Youma Daizukan comes a new official 3x3 Eyes book. Another World is jammed full of information every 3x3 Eyes fan will want to see, such as a long interview with Yuzo Takada, an overview of the manga creation process, speculation on various story elements, manga history and plot summaries, product descriptions, and of course the obligatory pictures of Pai in silly outfits. Although the book is well-illustrated, the emphasis is on the text, so only those who can read Japanese will be able to appreciate the book fully. The book includes four pages of color manga art, plus a page of stickers.
    3x3 Eyes Youma Rittai Zukan 3x3 Eyes Youma Rittai Zukan (Monster 3-D Picture Book)
    by Keiji Matsumoto and Yuzo Takada,
    supervised by Young Magazine Editorial Department
    19cm softcover, 131 pages, color, Japanese text
    Kodansha KCDX, 2000-5-24, 1500 yen

    This is a sequel to the Youma Daizukan above, but it is not a data book. It is a papercraft book, allowing the creation of 3-D paper models of seven monsters. The monsters are all pictured on the book cover, clockwise from the top: Takuhi, K'u-yung, Mugero, Tsou-lin, Ruru, Little Amara, and Fei-oh. A large Pai sticker is also included.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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