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Last Updated: 11/9/03

    Game Hint Books

    No Picture Super Famicom 3x3 Eyes Seima Kourinden Perfect Guide
    Softcover, 159 pages, Japanese text
    Kodansha Hit Books, 1992-8, 922 yen

    This is a hint book for the SNES roleplaying game Seima Kourinden. I only know this book exists because of an entry in the Kinokuniya Bookweb online store (where it is out of stock).
    No Picture Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes Official Guidebook
    Softcover, 135 pages, color, Japanese text
    Kodansha, 1993-8, 1214 yen

    This is a hint book for the MEGA-CD game Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes. It includes a guide to all of the dungeons, as well as a complete data for items and monsters. (I haven't actually seen the book. Most of this information comes from a pre-release advertisement inserted in manga vol. 14.)
    3x3 Eyes -Sanjiyan Henjyo- CD & Graphics 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ CD & Graphics
    Softcover, 128 pages, color, Japanese text
    YM Graphics (Kodansha), 1994-8, 2136 yen

    This is a walkthrough/hint book for the PC Engine version of the 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ game by Nihon Create. The book includes an audio CD, CD cover (to cut out), and fold-out poster. The CD contains the game music and a drama featuring the game characters. There's a comic in the back of the book that corresponds with the drama. Most of the book describes the game, but there are some neat extras like interviews with the voice actors and descriptions of other 3x3 Eyes merchandise.
    No Picture Official 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ Collector's Edition
    Softcover, 128 pages, color, Japanese text
    Login Books, 1995-10-16, 1165 yen

    This is a walkthrough/hint book for the Windows version of the 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ game. In addition to providing a full walkthrough for the game, the book contains software troubleshooting advice, interviews with the game's creators at Nippon Create, and some background information on Feng Shui and other topics that appear in the game.
    3x3 Eyes -Kyuusei Koushu- Offical Guidebook 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ Official Guidebook
    Softcover, 106 pages, color, Japanese text
    Haou Game Special #53 (Kodansha), 1996-6-16, 1165 yen

    This is a walkthrough/hint book for the Playstation and Saturn versions of the 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ game. The book gives a very detailed look at all of the paths through the game. It also describes some of the differences between the Playstation and Saturn versions, and gives a little background information about the making of the game. (This is the "Revised New Edition", so I assume there was a previous edition that only covered the Playstation game.)

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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