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    The 3x3 Eyes novels are written by Akinori Endo, the scriptwriter for the original 3x3 Eyes anime. Each novel comes with a mini-poster and bookmark. There are scenes from the new anime series printed in the corner of each page, and the scenes "move" if you look at them while quickly flipping the pages. If you can't read Japanese, that's about all you'll get out of these books. (I hear that at least some of the books have been translated into Chinese.)

    3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu (Legend of the Divine Demon)
    by Akinori Endo
    18cm softcover, 308 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1995-7-6, 757 yen

    This is a novel based on the Seima Densetsu storyline from volumes 3-5 of the manga, similar to the second anime series.
    3x3 Eyes Fuuma Gaiden (Seal Demon Side Story)
    by Akinori Endo
    18cm softcover, 292 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1996-5-17, 757 yen

    This is an original story with the 3x3 Eyes characters.
    3x3 Eyes Genma Hyouryuu (Phantom Drifting)
    by Akinori Endo
    18cm softcover, 252 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Magazine Novels (Kodansha), 1997-3-6, 757 yen

    This is another original story.
    3x3 Eyes Another Story
    by Katsumi Ishitsuka, Akinori Endo, and Shinichi Kusano
    19cm softcover, 208 pages, B&W, Japanese text
    Kodansha KCDX, 2000-3-23, 820 yen

    This book is a collection of seven original short stories. Here are the titles:

    1. True Tale of Houasyo "White Snake Legend" (Hakujaden)
    2. The Sorrow of Salaryman Benares
    3. Yohko and Yoriko's Ghost Extermination
    4. Haan's "This is crazy! Japanese people" (Haan no "Koko ga hen da yo! Nihonjin")
    5. Demon School
    6. Pai and Yakumo's Gourmet Day
    7. Valley of Gold

    The book also includes a "3-D real papercraft Fei-Oh", most likely as a preview of the Youma Rittai Zukan above.

    1987 Yuzo Takada/Kodansha. Exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Geneon Entertainment Inc.

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