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    Console Games

    3x3 Eyes ~Seima Kourinden~ 3x3 Eyes ~Seima Kourinden~ (Advent of the Divine Demon)
    Super Famicom (SNES)
    Yutaka/Bandai SHVC-33, 1992-7-28, 9500 yen

    This seems to be the first 3x3 Eyes game made. It is a roleplaying game with the traditional top-down view and super-deformed characters, and some nice cut-scene graphics. The plot is somewhat similar to manga vol. 6.
    Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu 3x3 Eyes (Legend of the Divine Demon)
    Mega-CD (Sega CD/Genesis)
    Sega Enterprises G-6007, 1993-7-23, 9800 yen

    This is another RPG game, this time based somewhat on volumes 3-5 of the manga (the Seima Densetsu story arc). There is only 1 CD even though the game comes in a double-CD case. Perhaps they needed the extra room for the detailed 52-page manual and the mini-poster with the cover art on one side and a chart of the game monsters and items on the other.


    3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~
    HE System PC Engine (Turbografx-16 SCD)
    (Arcade CD-ROM2 support, Super CD-ROM2 System)
    NEC Home Electronics HECD4010, 1994-8-7, ???? yen

    This game is a port of the first Nihon Create game for PC-98, described below. It comes with an 5-minute promotional video showing scenes from the game. This game is described in detail in the CD & Graphics hint book mentioned on the Books page.
    3x3 Eyes ~Juuma Houkan~ 3x3 Eyes ~Juuma Houkan~ (Beast Restoration)
    Super Famicom (SNES)
    Banpresto SHVC-P-A83J(JPN), 1995, ???? yen

    This is a side-scrolling action/adventure game, and it is a lot of fun to play.

    3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~
    Sony Playstation
    Xing Entertainment SLPS 00071-2, 1995-7-28, 7300 yen

    This game is a 2-CD interactive movie/RPG. It is a port of the second PC game by Nihon Create.
    3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ S 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ S
    Sega Saturn
    Nihon Create T-21301G, 1996-4-22, 7300 yen

    The Saturn game is a newer version of the Playstation game. It comes on three CDs and has several improvements, including new animation and voice recordings as well as brighter colors. The third CD contains some special features, like a product database and a tour of Hong Kong with voice actors Megumi Hayashibara and Kouji Tsujitani.
    3x3 Eyes ~Tenrin Oh Genmu~ 3x3 Eyes ~Tenrin Oh Genmu~
    Sony Playstation
    King Records SLPS 01497-9 (KIRZ17-19), 1998-8-6, 6800 yen

    This game is a 3-CD interactive movie/RPG, plus an audio CD single containing an original opening song by Megumi Hayashibara. The Windows version only had 2 CDs, so this version adds the twist that disc 2 is for Yakumo and disc 3 is for Haan. I suppose that means there are two different stories, but I'm not sure. (Sadly there's no hint book available yet.)

    Pc Games

    3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~
    PC-9801 floppy
    Nihon Create, 1993-2, ???? yen

    This is the original 3x3 Eyes game for PCs, actually the NEC PC-98 which is incompatible with IBM machines. The game comes with a Hi-Fi VHS promotional video, which is likely similar to the video included with the PC Engine version.
    Fruits Pack Fruits Pack
    PC-9801 floppy
    Nihon Create, 1993-7, ???? yen

    This is an add-on for the Sanjiyan Henjyo game above, with programs for viewing the game graphics and listening to the music. It also discusses the making of the game and other information, and there are a few mini-games included as well.
    No Picture 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~
    Nihon Create, 1993-10, 14800 yen

    This is a port of the PC-98 game above to the mysterious FM-TOWNS system. Obvio
    No Picture Making of 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~
    Nihon Create, 1993-12, ???? yen

    This is basically the FM-TOWNS version of the Fruits Pack. It should be more useful since the CD-ROM version of the game should have more graphics and sound. Of course, you need an FM-TOWNS to run it.
    3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~ 3x3 Eyes ~Kyuusei Koushu~
    Windows 3.1 CD-ROM
    Nihon Create, 1995-4, 10800 yen

    This is the PC version of the second 3x3 Eyes game, and the first game available for Windows. As you can see, it is rather expensive. There is also a Premium version (13800 yen) which includes a character sketch book and a 12-track audio CD with game music, character introductions, and voice actor interviews.
    3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ For Windows 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjyo~ For Windows
    Windows 3.1/Windows 95 CD-ROM
    Nihon Create, 1996, 8800 yen

    This is a new Windows 95 compatible version of the original PC-98 game. It's also a bit cheaper, I suspect.
    3x3 Eyes ~Tenrin Oh Genmu~ 3x3 Eyes ~Tenrin Oh Genmu~
    Windows 95 CD-ROM
    Nihon Create, 1997-12, 10800 yen

    This is the third game created by Nihon Create, and the first native Windows 95 game. The game interface has been improved, and the graphics are very high quality. It comes on two CD-ROMs, and there are several mini-games such as poker within the traditional adventure game. There is also a digital comic that recaps the Sanjiyan Henjyo game, since this is a sequel of sorts.

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