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    (Man bird)

    Pai's "friend in the stick". A harpy-like creature, it can grow to enormous size (~20m long and 8m tall), but it can also appear hand-sized. Hatched in eggs in Konron.
    Chui Dao-Shi
    (Taoist monk Chui)

    The only alias known for Shunkai's henchman, the "eye-blob monster" who is able to possess and control many people simultaneously. He attempted to blackmail Sanjiyan into granting him "Wu" status when he repeatedly possessed Yakumo's friend, Natsuko. Later, he assumed the guise of Chui Dao-Shi, as part of Shunkai's final scheme to control the Sanjiyan.
    (Insect-dragon Worm)

    A monster who kidnaps Steve Long and promises to exchange him for the missing fragment of the Ningen no Zou, believing that Kaiyanwang will grant immortality to anyone who delivers it intact.
    (Grand Year)

    A monster awakened by Shunkai to lure Pai out of Konron. Swarms of locusts are its food; it also controls a dagger, another of the keys to Konron (like the incense burner), with which it can possess people, or drain the "life energy" from them (so it can hatch). It is being hatched out of a many-eyed egg hovering in the "dimensional hole" which joins Konron and the sky above Yume no Shima (Dream Island, $BL4$NEg(B, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay made out of garbage.)

    (In Chinese mythology, Tai-Soei is a star who became a god. There's also a story about Tai-Soei being a cannibal monster who came out once every year.)
    The monster Yakumo fights in Sarawak (in Eastern Malaysia). They wanted to live as humans, and succeeded; but after they lose their human lives they return as a giant, multi-armed, horned monster. The girl who Yakumo meets is the sister of that monster. She and Yakumo were locked up because they were suspected of causing the deaths of Japanese workers.
    The Egyptian stone golem who is a guardian of Konron [?]. It asks for proof of Sanjiyan and "Wu", or it will turn curiosity-seekers into stone. After remembering what he learnt from the 'Book of the Dead', Yakumo was able to prove himself "Wu" to Anubis' satisfaction. (Sanjiyan didn't believe the legend, BTW.)

    (In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is a jackal-headed god of hell, and formerly judge of the dead (before Osiris took over). The dead's heart is weighed against the feather of truth on a scale. Tatoh (the sand golem with a bird's head in 3x3 Eyes) carries the record of the deeds of the dead and he also responsible for recording the trial. The creature (name?) sitting beside the scale is a combination of several animals, waiting beside the scale to eat hearts.)
    In Pai's dreamworld, elephant-warrior "Wu" of the deformed Kaiyanwang.

    (Haan notes that in Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the good-natured son of Shiva - a clear contradiction.)

    (In Hindu mythology, he is the son by Siva and Parvati. He used to have a human head, but was chopped off by his dad, Siva. It's because he was usually charged with guarding the entrance to Parvati's palace, and he was so stubborn that he refused to let passage of Siva! Parvati asked Siva to replace their son's head, and the first animal which passed the spot was picked, which happened to be an elephant.

    One night, Ganesa had eaten too much of his worshipers' offerings and he was taking a walk, riding on a rat (!). Because of a snake, Ganesa fell from his rat and his belly EXPLODED. To repair his broken belly, he wrapped the snake around his body. It was so funny that The Moon laughed at Ganesa. Being offended by The Moon, he threw one of his tusks at The Moon, cursing him. Due to Ganesa's curse, The Moon was fated to lose its light perodically, while Ganesa lost one of his tusks. In 3x3 Eyes, Ganesa has a broken tusk ...)
    A unicorn-like beast summoned by Shunkai. It was intended to consume Yakumo's soul, and thus pave the way for Shunkai to become Pai's "Wu". When initially summoned, it couldn't hold its shape, and Yakumo was tricked into to luring it back into the summoning circle (where Shunkai could regain control of it).
    ?? (In Hindu mythology, one of the creators of the universe.)
    (Earth/Ground Claw)

    A large, fast three-clawed monster which slices its opponents. One of the most common beast magics.
    (Flying Jaws)

    Pai's bloated airborne pet, whom she can summon at will. Fei-Oh is fairly resilient, and can change its size. It has its eye in its mouth.
    (Eat Monster Bug)

    Feeds off supernatural energy; used against Macdonald, Pai and Yakumo when Tibetan monks imprisoned them. Later, Macdonald used the egg of Shi-Yao-Chong to attack Benares.
    (Binding Monster Spider)

    Used by Benares to attack Yakumo; also used by Madurai to counter Ganesa's Rei-Syou and to attack Shiva.
    (Running Scale)

    An skateboard-like creature with a stiff, pointy tail and protruding tusks. Yakumo mainly uses it for transport, but sometimes as a weapon. It can't swim, though.
    (Four Heavens Sacred Vitality Offering Return)

    Four creatures, each forming a vertex of a force-pyramid, which protects the caster from massively powerful attacks.

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