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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Azusa Azusa

Kanzaki Azusa

    Name: Azusa Kanzaki

    Japanese Voice: Konami Yoshida

    Age: 12

    Date Of Birth: March 10

    Born in: Komoridani, Kisshu

    Height: 4' 11" (149cm)

    Weight: 38kg (84 lbs)

    BWH: Secret!

    Eyes: Orange

    Hair: Blue

    Blood Type:O

    Status: Devil Hunter-in-training

    Abilities: Martial Arts, transformation

    Weapon: Spear of Fuma

    Occupation: Does Yohko's chores

    Born in Komoridani, Kisshu, Azusa is the granddaughter of a friend of Madoka. A few years younger than Yohko, she comes to the Mano residence hoping to train with Yohko to become a mamono hunter herself. Azusa doesn't seem to go to school as Yohko does, but rather just stays at home to help Madoka out with chores.

    'Auntie' Madoka once gave her a metal glove which when worn over her left hand, gives Azusa the power to transform into her mamono hunter persona. Her weapon is the Spear of Fuma which, like Yohko and her Soulsword, Azusa calls to her whenever it is needed.

    Azusa also has a box which she calls the "Mamono Hunter Starter Kit." This kit contains assorted goods such as toy ghosts, knives, and a mystic reference book entitled "All You Really Need To Know About Hyper-Space and Pan-Dimensional Travel."

    In the sixth episode, there appears a character who shares the same name and looks just like Azusa. This girl trains with Mano Ayako. Although not the same Azusa from the previous stories, this one is named "Azusa Number 2" by Madoka when her existance could not be explained to Yohko.


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