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Last Updated: 8/3/03


Ogawa Chikako

    Name: Chikako Ogawa

    Japanese Voice: Chieko Honda

    English Voice: Tiffany Grant

    Age: 16

    Date Of Birth: August 8

    Height: 5'3" (160cm)

    Weight: 53kg

    BWH: 88.62.88

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Dark Brown

    Blood Type: O

    Status: Yohko's self-proclaimed business manager

    Occupation: High school student

    She is Yohko's classmate and best friend. Chikako enjoys eating and making money. She self-proclaims herself as Yohko's business manager so that only she can decide when Yohko can practice her skills and for how much. Chikako even creates posters of Yohko to post around the neighborhood in order to make Yohko seem like a ghostbuster for hire.

    Chikako is smart and seems to know much of what happens around her, particularly in school. She stores as much information as possible about her schoolmates in her little Cosio DK-J16 pocket organizer. She also claims to have a great intelligence network for finding information on people.

    NOTE: AD Vision translates her name as 'Chigako,' but it appears as 'Chikako' in the Mamono Hunter Yohko artbooks.


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