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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Sayoko Sayoko

Mano Sayoko

    She is Yohko's mother. Unlike most mothers who would kill their daugthers if they even spoke of sex, Sayoko speaks quite freely of it with Yohko. She tells Yohko to do it, going so far as to giving Yohko condoms for safe keeping. Sayoko is always happy whenever Yohko brings a boy home, and she has a boyfriend of her own.

    Why isn't Sayoko the 108th generation mamono hunter? According to Madoka, before becoming a mamono hunter, a girl must be pure of mind and body. Sayoko had sex with and then married Yohko's father at an early age before Madoka even had a chance to tell her about being a mamono hunter.

    Madoka does not think highly of Sayoko, and the two often fight both verbally and physically. Sayoko does know of the secret room beneath her house, but whether she knows about her family's mamono hunter lineage remains to be seen.


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