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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Yohko Yohko

Mano Yohko

    Name: Yohko Mano

    Japanese Voice: Aya Hisakawa

    English Voice: Amanda Winn Lee

    Age: 16

    Date Of Birth: March 1

    Height: 5'2" (158cm)

    Weight: 45kg

    BWH: 83.56.85

    Eyes: Brown (Anime)

    Hair: Brown

    Blood Type: A

    Status: 108th Generation Devil Hunter

    Abilities: Martial arts, hand-to-hand combat

    Weapon: Soulsword

    Occupation: High school Student

    She is the 16 year old 108th generation mamono hunter. She has been trained in the art of Mamono hunting all of her life by her grandmother, Madoka. Yohko is a pretty and athletic girl who is constantly thinking of having a boyfriend. So far, her luck with boys have been less than successful as they have all turned out to be either possessed by demons, sacrificed for evil, or were illusions to begin with.

    Yohko transforms into her red silk dress clad mamono hunter persona by using a Yoma ring given to her by her grandmother. Worn on her left hand, this ring is the source of Yohko's power, has healing properties, and has the power to control time. The ring itself can also help Yohko generate a power blast to use against her enemies.

    Yohko's unique 'braided hoops' hairstyle is kept up by hair ornaments made from a magic stone called Shimi-Seki which focuses and increases her inner powers. These hair clips also alert Yohko of forthcoming danger. Together with the ring, Yohko can project a sort of psi-web at a demon to keep it from moving.

    Yohko's main weapon, however, is her Soulsword which she calls to her almost everytime as soon as she transforms. This is a two-piece sword where the long blade can be detached from the handle. The handle has its own curved blade which can be used for times when Yohko needs to 'hack and slash.' If seperated from her, Yohko can call for the sword to come back by itself.



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