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Last Updated: 8/3/03

The Seven Bells

    The Seven Bells
    Name: Mamono Hunter Yohko: The Seven Bells
    Format: Cart.
    Country: Japan
    Company: NCS Corp
    Catalog Number: T-25053
    Release Date: 3.22.1991
    Original Price: 6,500 Yen
    Genre: Action

    The Seven Bells

    The Seven Bells

    The 1991 MAMONO HUNTER YOHKO:THE 7 BELLS, By MASIYA. One of Japan's most respected Video Game developers and responsible for such classics as SDF MACROSS on the SFC and many other Video game translations during the early 1990's. MAMONO HUNTER YOHKO (By Miyao Gaku) is an excellent 2D platform game based on the ANIME' of the same name as you play as 16 Y.O School girl YOHKO from the MAMONO HUNTER FAMILY battling the forces of evil spirits and The MAMONO (OR DEVILS) with her Magic Sword which can peform many different attacks etc and has Her traveling through different hack and slash levels. This is not a game that you will finish In One Night!!.

    The Seven Bells

    Thanks to NCS, Toho Company, LTD., and Mad House for releasing the series in Japan and to AD Vision for bringing the series to North America. Mamono Hunter Yohko is a copyright of NCS, Toho Company, LTD., & Mad House. Devil Hunter Yohko is a copyright of AD Vision. All Images Copyright NCS, Toho Company, LTD., Mad House, and AD Vision.

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