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Last Updated: 8/3/03

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    Mamono Hunter Yohko CD-Single: Ganbaru Watshi Ga Suki
    OVA5 Ending Theme & Image Song

    King Records/Star Child
    Number: KICA-83
    Released: 6/22/1994
    Price: 1000 yen
    Total playing time: 16:55
    Total tracks: 4

    I don't read japanese so I can't say a whole lot about it so anyone with info on this that I might not have posted let me know.

    1. Ganbaru Watashi Ga Suki (I Like The Way I Don't Give Up On Myself)
    2. Stay by me
    3. Ganbaru Watashi Ga Suki (karaoke)(Off Vocal Version)
    4. Stay by me (karaoke)(Off Vocal Version)

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