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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Song Lyrics

    Hatsukoi wa Kanawa Nai

    Dare mo inai kousha no ura-niwa.
    Nire no ki noshita de sotto KISU o shite no.
    Kaze no oto ni dare ka iru ki ga shite
    Gikochi naku hanarete utsumuite ta.
    Tomodachi ga itte to ua
    Hatsukoi wa kanaw a nai.
    The backyard of the school building, nobody is there.
    Under the elm tree, we kissed gently.
    When the wind blew, we felt like someone was there
    We stopped kissing awkrardly, and looked down.
    My friend told me that
    The first love never succeeds.
    Motto Motto tsuyoku nareba,
    Namida wa kieru no.
    Hanarete iru jikan dake ga,
    Naze ka totemo nagai.
    If I become stronger and stronger,
    My tears disappear.
    During the time when we are separated,
    Time stands still, I don't know why.
      Kinou mo kimi no yume o mita no.
      Tochu de me ga samete,
      Mou ichido yume no tsuzuki o miyou to omotta kedo,
      Moukimi wa dete konakattano.
      I dreamed about you.
      I woke up in the middle of a dream,
      I tried to return
      But you never came back to my dream.
    Motto Motto suki ni nareba,
    Futari wa dou naruno?
    Itsuka minna nakushi sou de, ima wa totemo kowai.
    If I love you more and more,
    What will happen to us?
    I feel like I will lose everything, and I am afraid for the moment.

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