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Last Updated: 8/3/03


    There have been lots of rumors and all sorts of stuff going around about their being a color manga. I can't read japanese, which means I can't be sure but there looks like there are some pics of something like that in the artbooks, but I can't be sure, but below is a black and white manga that I know was made.

    Manga Name: Unknown
    Format: PaperBack
    Country: Japan
    ISBN Number: ISBN4-7859-1546-3
    Release Date: 1996
    Original Price: Unknown
    Publisher: Young King Comics

    Page 5 Page 75

    Judging by the pictures the manga Yohko gets her magic powers from a magical animal! I wish I could read the story. There seems to be a conflict between a supernatural ibex and a supernatural dog. There is a sequence that takes place in the past. A little girl's puppy becomes a demon dog. I wonder if this girl is an ancestor of Yohko because she has the modified Yin/Yang symbol on her chest that Devil Hunters wear.

    Bottom of Page 32 Page 142

    Bottom of Page 108 Bottom of Page 33

    Mid Page 25 Top of Page 153

    Manga Back

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