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Volume 1

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    Toho Company, 45 minutes, 1990.

    This introduces viewers to Mano Yohko who is to become the 108th generation mamono hunter. The story deals with the eminent resurrection of the Black Queen from the demon realm. Once this happens, mankind will be doomed forever. Can Yohko stop this from happening and also prevent her friends and family from being killed?

    Cast (Family name first):

    Mano Yohko - Hisakawa Aya
    Mano Madoka - Mitsuya Yuji
    Mano Sayoko - Tsuru Hiromi
    Ogawa Chikako - Honda Chieko
    Abunai Osamu - Yamaguchi Kappei
    Principal Gakuencho - Doi Mika
    Reiko - Matsui Naoko
    Hideki Kando - Hayami Sho

    End Song: "Koi no Coup D'etat Go Go"
    "Go Go Love Coup"
    Sung by Hisakawa Aya

    It's a typical day in the Mano household. Yohko, our 16 year-old heroine wakes up every morning with a surprise attack by her Grandma, Madoka. Her Mom, Sayoko, can be found making breakfast as she flirts with her latest boyfriend. We soon find Yohko racing off to school as Madoka and Sayoko sit around and argue whether young Yohko should be more permiscuous with boys.


    On the way to school, we find out one Yohko is armored with upperclassman Kando, young Osamu is enamored with Yohko, and Yohko's best friend Chi likes to tease both Yohko and Osamu. At school they all endure their dominatrix headmistress who inflicts fear in all her tardy students, and admire Reika the most beautiful girl in the school. We both find out later that Reika and the headmistress are servants of the demons and are attempting to resurrect the queen of evil and bring darkness to the world. [OK, not exactly an original plot...

    It does not take long before the demons discover Yohko is family lineage of being the 108th Devil Hunter.

    It also does not take them long to learn that Yohko cannot inherit the Devil Hunter status if she is not a virgin. So...Osamu is hypnotized and attempts to seduce Yohko, but Madoka intervenes and afterwards tells Yohko the truth about why she has been studying martial arts since she was a child and has needed to refrain from going too far with any guy until she has been properly initiated as a Devil Hunter..


    Although Yohko wants nothing to do with becoming the 108th Devil Hunter, she soon finds herself dragged into one big mess as Chi is hypnotized to kill Yohko, Haneda is prepared for sacrifice, and Madoka appears to have died in combat. Despite the dire situation that Yohko finds herself immersed in, our heroine always finds a way to save the day (and Madoka actually lives).

Final Section

    Thanks to NCS, Toho Company, LTD., and Mad House for releasing the series in Japan and to AD Vision for bringing the series to North America. Mamono Hunter Yohko is a copyright of NCS, Toho Company, LTD., & Mad House. Devil Hunter Yohko is a copyright of AD Vision. All Images Copyright NCS, Toho Company, LTD., Mad House, and AD Vision.

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