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Volume 2&3

Oav 2 And 3 Oav 234


    Toho Company, 30 minutes, 1992.

    Yohko gets a visit from a girl named Kanzaki Azusa. Azusa wants very much to become a mamono hunter and has come to the Mano house to train with Yohko. Azusa's first real experience comes when Tomo Al Construction Company workers of the Orb Forest Development Project desecrate an ancient tomb, releasing long sleeping spirits who become willing to kill to protect their area. Can Azusa defeat the spirits by herself?

    Cast (Family name first):

    Mano Yohko - Hisakawa Aya
    Kanzaki Azusa - Yoshida Konami
    Ogawa Chikako - Honda Chieko

    End Song: "Tokoroga Dokkoi! Sexy Musume"
    "Not So Fast, Sexy Girl"
    Sung by Honma Kaori

    Yohko is improving...her skills as a Devil Hunter grow sharper each day. Chi has appointed herself as Yohko's manager and has big plans to make Yohko the next Japanese idol.


    We are introduced to Azusa , the young girl of a family friend who has ambitiously dreamt of becoming a Devil Hunter. Azusa has come to live with Yohko to learn the ropes of Devil hunting.

    Of course, Japan is always in fear of devils and this time a construction site at an old park has awakened the sleeping demons. One night Azusa finds herself in the forest when the demons awaken and decide to kill Azusa for trespassing on their land. Yohko manages to find Azusa and destroys the demons before they can inflict any more harm.


    Unfortunately, Yohko and her wham bam fighting has awakened a demon king who is angered by the bulldozing and decides to take everything out on Yohko and Azusa. Alone Yohko is not strong enough to defeat the demon king, but Azusa finds the courage to transform herself into a Devil Hunter and together they rid the demon king from existence.

Final 2


    Toho Company, 30 minutes, 1993.

    Yohko is brought to another world/dimension where she must rescue Master Biryu who Yohko has developed a crush based on dreams and illusions. In the meantime, Azusa and Chikako try to bring Yohko back to Earth, but accidentally get transported to Biryu's world. Can Yohko free Master Biryu and hopefully win his affections?

    Cast (Family name first):

    Mano Yohko - Hisakawa Aya
    Kanzaki Azusa - Yoshida Konami
    Ogawa Chikako - Honda Chieko
    Lady Obaba - Suzuki Reiko
    Master Biryu - Shiozawa Kaneto
    Princess Yanagi - Shimamoto Shumi
    Dragon King Ryu-o - Yanada Kiyoyuki
    End Song: "So Bad Boy"
    Sung by Hisakawa Aya

    Yohko is with a beautiful man...he loves her..she loves him...and then Yohko wakes up from her dream.


    As Yohko awakes (with one hell of a smile...), she finds herself with a small blue pouch. She is suddenly transported to another dimension where she meets Obasma, an elder who informs her about Prince Biryu who is imprisoned and guarded by a demon. Prince Biryu was the same man in Yohko's dreams and Yohko decides to go on the journey of freeing the Prince.

    Back on earth, Azusa and Chi are attempting dimensional travel to try and find Yohko.

    Obasma sends Yohko to the demon plane to kill the demon.


    Chi and Azusa have dropped by along the way through their dimensional travel but don't really do much.

    Much to Yohko's suprise though, Prince Biryu is not freed but rather a beautiful young women named Yanagi. Yohko's a wee bit ticked off but before she can vent her outrage, another demon appears. Obasama informs Yohko this is the demon she must defeat.

    Azusa and Chi are bounced back to their own dimension as the fighting ensues.

    More fighting ensues.

    Yohko of course defeats the demon and Prince Biryu is released. [Sidenote: Yohko breaks off her hair ornaments and we get to see Yohko without those funky braids...]


    Yohko races to the Prince but is outsprinted by Yanagi. When Yohko finds the two of them happily together, quite frankly she's a little pissed.

    Obasma apologizes and informs Yohko that she is the one who has dragged Yohko into this affair because she wanted to see her young master released from his prison. Apparently, Prince Biryu and Yanagi are two lovers who were banished by Prince Biryu's father, Ry-o because they engaged in a forbidden courtship. A little disappointed, Yohko at least feels a sense of satisfaction for freeing the two lovers from their exile. Upon returning home, Yohko, Chi, and Azusa go off to scan for some guys.

Final 3

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