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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Volume 5

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    Toho Company, 45 minutes, 1994.

    After being defeated throughout the history of the mamono hunters, Tokima, the most powerful demon of all, is about to come back to do battle once more. He wants to destroy the seal which is keeping him from becoming all powerful as he once was. If successful, Tokima will lead all demons to the human world. Yohko is well-trained, but can she win, let alone survive, this encounter?

    Cast (Family name first):

    Mano Yohko - Hisakawa Aya
    Mano Madoka (Grandmother) - Mituya Yuji
    Mano Madoka (Young) - Koorogi Satomi
    Mano Sayoko - Tsuru Hiromi
    Mano Haruka - Hidaka Noriko
    Kanzaki Azusa - Yoshida Konami
    Ogawa Chikako - Honda Chieko
    Asakura Ryuichi - Morikawa Tomoyuki
    Tokima - Futamata Issei

    End Song: "Ganbaru Watashi ga Suki"
    "I Like The Way I Don't Give Up On Myself"
    Sung by Hisakawa Aya

    A demon (what else?) has awakened again. It is Tokima, the true archenemies of the Devil Hunters and the supreme demon. He is a demon who has recurrently fought every devil hunter and has lost each battle so far. Tokima is trying to break the seal which limits his powers and physical strengths on earth--that seal is in the possession of the Mano family.

    Yohk's in love again. His name is Asakura, a transfer student with all the perfect student credentials. Tokima learns of Yohko's newest interest and proceeds to overtake his body. After entering Asakura, Tokima goes over and hits on Yohko who of course is full happiness and glee.


    After a very humorous study session, Takeru drops by later that night, and he and Yohko proceed down to the Devil Hunter secret room for what Yohko really really hopes is some major groping. However, Takeru recognizes the seal and tries to go and break it. Unbeknownst to Yohko, Madoka had anticipated something awful and had put in talismans to protect the seal. Takeru steps on this, and Tokima is jolted into revealing his true form.

    By now Madoka and Azusa have come to assist.

    A fight ensues (duh...). Yohko is really really pissed about not getting any action. However, the fighting is cut short because Tokima has a very limited time span of existence on earth until the seal is fully broken and thus leaves the battle prematurely. Because Tokima is a demon who can shift time, he has somehow transformed Madoka into a young lady by accident.

    Because of his failure in obtaining the seal, Tokima hypnotizes Azusa and she goes and snatches the seal instead. The seal is brought to the town clock where Azusa prepares to unleash Tokima's powers. Yohko and Madoka arrive in time and Azusa and Yohko battle it out to protect the seal. Although Yohko thinks she has succeeded in ridding Azusa of her hypnosis, she is wrong. Azusa manages to stay hypnotized long enough to break the seal while Tokima manages to....kill Yohko.


    Although things don't look exactly well, we find Yohko's body has been transported to another dimension at the end of the fight and she reappears back in time where we find Tokima battling the first Devil Hunter, Hikaru. Hikaru manages to banish Tokima for the time being and finds Yohko's limp body. Sensing there is still some life in her, Hikaru is able to bring Yohko back to life. Together they travel back to Yohko's time to fight Tokima.

    Back in Yohko's time, Madoka and Azusa try to battle Tokima but things seem grim until Yohko and Hikaru show up. Both Tokima and Hikaru shift time such that every single Devil Hunter and every reincarnation of Tokima are now doing battle.


    A fight ensues. Tokima loses.

    With Tokima defeated, Hikaru returns to her own time and all is well for the time being.

Final 5

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