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Last Updated: 8/3/03

Volume 6

Oav 6

Episode Six

    Toho Company, 44 minutes, 1995.

    Yohko meets another member of the Mano family who looks just like her, Mano Ayako. Besides almost being Yohko's twin, Ayako is also a mamono hunter. However, Ayako doesn't just want to be a mamono hunter, she wants to be THE mamono hunter and is willing to eliminate Yohko to fulfill her believed destiny.

    Cast (Family name first):

    Mano Yohko - Hisakawa Aya
    Mano Ayako - Hisakawa Aya
    Mano Madoka - Mituya Yuji
    Mano Sayoko - Tsuru Hiromi
    Mano Chiaki - Chiba Shigeru
    Azusa Number 2 - Yoshida Konami
    Ogawa Chikako - Honda Chieko
    Tateno - Miyazaki Ichinari
    Sano Yusuke - Miki Shinichiro
    Demon - ?

    End Song: "Touch My Heart"
    Sung by Hisakawa Aya

    Yohko's found another guy to fall for. He's Tateno, a star on the basketball team. One day while she's outside dreaming about Tateno, she sees him....and then watches him make out with another young girl (heartbreaking, no?).

    Althought Yohko's really disappointed, she runs into another man who captures Yohko's attention. He is student teacher Sano. Those typical Yohko love symptoms arise and she finds herself once again dreaming about a guy. Unfortunately for Yohko, a particularly jealous young woman has noticed Yohko's preoccupation and immediately goes to work seducing Sano (with a little hypnosis).

    When Yohko finds out Sano is seeing someone, she is overcome with curiosity and follows Sano one day after class. After a tortuous bike trek with Chi, she finally catches up with Sano by evening. And yes, he is with someone...and she looks exactly like Yohko. Her name is Ayako Mano.


    Although Yohko knows Madoka must know something, Madoka shrugs Yohko off. Later on as Yohko is bathing, she notices a peeping Tom. When she tries to catch the pervert, she notices it's Azusa. Since Azusa is no longer staying with Yohko, Yohko is baffled and gives chase to Azusa. She finds Azusa who turns out to be another Azusa along with Ayako. After a brief skirmish, Madoka comes and tells Ayako and Azusa II to save it for later.


    As it turns out, Ayako is the granddaughter of Chiaki Mano. Chiaki is Madoka's twin sister. Back when they were younger, Madoka and Chiaki fought for the Devil Hunter title. Chiaki lost and has always kept a chip on her shoulder. She has passed her bitterness to Ayako who is now out to defeat Yohko and claim the Devil Hunter title.

    Yohko has no desire to fight Ayako, but Ayako does not relent. The following night, Sano fools Yohko into following him where Ayako and Azusa II are waiting. After trying to talk her way out of things, Yohko gets pissed so Yohko, Ayako, and Azusa II do the infamous transformations and begin to duel it out.


    Of course, a demon awakes along the line. To defeat him, Yohko, Ayako, and Azusa II must work together to kill him. After they do, Ayako feels guilty for awakening the devil and apologizes for everything. Everyone works things out, except for Chiaki and Madkoa who keep on with their bitching.

Final 6

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